31 Jul 2014

A muddy road in South Sudan. [File]
Rainfall has destroyed seasonal roads in Warrap state (WS) that were poorly constructed in past years, with broken bridges making passage difficult for vehicles to enter the state's territory, authorities report.
Upper Nile University entrance. [File]
Some Upper Nile University students have protested against the decision of the administration to delay their examinations due to the Martyrs Day and Eid Al-Fitr celebrations.
Three paramount chiefs of Aweil South county, speaking for the community of greater Paliet, have jointly raised concerns about a spate of incidents, some leading to loss of life, which have occurred all over the county, while investigation is apparently lacking.
FOPS in Aweil . [Gurtong]
local petrol and diesel sellers operating in the black market complain of being forced to relocate their businesses strategically located along the roads. They expressed their unhappiness with what they termed as ‘forceful dislocation [sic] from their strategic places’ of business.
irregular rebel fighters loyal to Riek Machar [photo courtesy of Reuters]
Local sources report that a group of rebels have attacked the small village of Mayom-kuol in Aweil North County, looting the consumable belongings of the village’s residents.
Warrap State authorities have said that the inter-state dispute over Nyinakok area between Warrap state (WS) and Western Bahr el Ghazal state (WBGS) should not cause panic among the citizens but will be solved peaceful by the two governments.
David Yau Yau head of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area [File]
Intellectuals from Greater Pibor have largely welcomed the establishment, late last week, of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA).


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