30 Jul 2016


State Information
Chiefs and representatives of Mayen Ulem during their visit to Aweil East state [Photo| Agoth Abraham]
Over 50 Chiefs from Lol State, Malual Centre Payam of Mayen Ulem are proposing that their Payam be annexed to Aweil East State after claiming that the Governor of Lol State is undermining their rights.

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The Involvement Of Men In Antenatal Care

The Director General for Reproductive Health in the National Ministry of Health, Dr. Alex Dimiti in an exclusive interview revealed that only a few husbands escort their spouses to antenatal care facilities in the country. - Read More

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Exchange Rate for 21/07/2016
Currency Buying Selling
US Dollar $ 45.3427 46.0741
UK Pound £ 59.5713 60.5413
Euro € 49.8906 50.7045
KSH 2.2023 2.2422
UGX 73.0166 74.4148
SDG 0.1319 0.1347
JPY 0.4258 0.4328
CHF 45.9074 46.6951
CAD 34.7427 35.3139
AUD 33.9436 34.5003
SDR 62.9323 63.9473

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