1 Sep 2014

Hon. James Tor Monybuny, Commissioner for Baliet County in Upper Nile. [Gurtong]
"I am hopeful that peace will return to South Sudan because everybody is coming to the conclusion that this war is senseless."
"Most graduates have deserted the states looking for greener pasture in Juba leaving behind them desperate situation of need for graduates,"
MSF nurse Carmelita gives an injection to treat a young patient with malaria. [Photo| Kim Clausen/MSF]
"Last month the government and the county administration dispatched drugs to the area using a tractor but later they were found not to be anti-malarial drugs."
A caterpilar clearing Nimule-Melijo road on Thursday as Patrick Taban, the supervisor of the work looks on. [Photo | Peter Lokale]
Hon. James Tor Monybuny, Commissioner for Baliet County in Upper Nile. [Gurtong]
"As a leader I need to share the suffering with my citizens in the county. When the attack came to the county both of us were targets. I was a target and so I sustained a serious gunshot wound; but at the same time a great number of the citizens perished,"
A broken bridge in Warrap State. [Gurtong]
"Warrap State’s poor road construction has negatively affected the local population across the state, as prices in the markets ha"ve hiked, leaving the locals unable to afford the food commodities they need to buy for consumption.
Section of IDPs arrive in Wau at Eastern Bank transit camp. [Gurtong]
"The humanitarian situation in South Sudan continues to deteriorate while the talks to end hostilities between the two warring parties, mediated by the IGAD regional block, seem to have not progressed as peace talks have been again pushed to next month..."


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