31 May 2016


A group of women making hand-made mats in Wau [Photo| James Dimo]
“On the exhibition day, we shall be displaying our products including nine handbags, thirty-one bags of bed sheets and many womens’ wallets. After we sell these goods, we will be able to get money and access our materials from Kampala,”

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Maternal And Neonatal Deaths Can Be Reduced Through Training Skilled Birth Attendance

The Principle of Juba College of Nursing and Midwifery (JCONAM), Petronilla Wawa Habib looks at training midwives as one of the ways to enhance reduction of deaths related to pregnancy cases. - Read More

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EXCHANGE RATE For 31/05/2016
CURRENCY Buying Selling
US Dollar $ 34.7484 35.3089
UK Pound £ 50.7675 51.6075
Euro € 38.6924 39.3306
KSH 2.8483 2.8995
UGX 95.2242 97.0478
SDG 0.1721 0.1758
JPY 0.3123 0.3174
CHF 34.9899 35.5721
CAD 26.5823 27.0214
AUD 24.9251 25.3341
SDR 48.8503 49.6382

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Gurtong Radio: S. Sudan Safari

Peace Efforts Earn Bishop Paride Taban

Top UN Award

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