25 Jan 2015
Governor of Central Equatoria State Clement Wani Kong'a Gwollo[File Photo]
The Governor of Central Equatoria State Clement Wani Kong'a Gwollo on Tuesday, 20th formed a committee to probe the recent fighting of the Northern Bari Payam.
The Executive Director of Community Empowerment and Progress Organization (CEPO), Mr. Edmund Yakani has urged the government of Central Equatoria State to immediately intervene in stopping the deadly conflicts between the Mundari and Bari communities.
The Minister of Information in Warrap State, Paul Dhel Gum says that with the signing of the agreement reached in Arusha, Tanzania on Wednesday between the warring SPLM factions in the intra-dialogue talks, accountability must be enforced against those who took up arms.
Floods in Alabek and Aliek Payams of Tonj North County in Warrap state has forced many residents to flee to highlands.
WBG State Commissioner for Arts and Culture, Alfred Drick Oya [Photo| James Deng Dimo]
Western Bahr el Ghazal state Governor, Rizik Zackaria Hassan on Thursday appointed his former Information Minister, Alfred Derick Oya as the commissioner for Arts and Culture Commission.
The Commissioner of Renk County in Upper Nile State says that agriculture has undermined in the state since the beginning of the December 2013 crisis as the state was the base of the SPLM in Opposition.
18 Political Parties on Thursday went to court to open a suit against the South Sudan National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairperson Prof. Abednego Akok Kacuol over the set election date.

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