29 Aug 2014

“We understand that Riek Machar has not signed the protocol but our president has. This is an indication of how committed our president is to bringing about peace to our people."
Hon Minister of Youth and sports Gibson Bullen Wande while addressing a gathering [file]
"He also urged the youth to embark on agriculture activities so that they can have food in surplus to support other states which are experiencing shortage of food."
"Leaders should be measured by their achievements, not by their size or age”,"
“We are not against the presidential decree but we want all to know that we are not part of Greater Pibor Administrative Area."
HLSS Director Emmanuel Douglas Barigo examining Rose in Magwi PHCU before her recovery [photo by Peter Nakimangole]
Eastern Equatoria state (EES) citizens are grateful for the successful treatment of a four year-old cholera patient, known as Irene Rose, as a result of the care provided by a treatment unit in Magwi. However, cholera cases are still being reported in EES.
Muding Annet demonstrates her sales ability, marketing locally woven fabrics and products. [photo by Jok P Mayom]
South Sudanese Muding Annet Turo describes how she overcame the challenges of her early life through the creation of a handicraft project known as the ‘Lady Lomin Project’.
A member of an East African regional body monitoring a ceasefire in South Sudan died of a heart attack after some monitors were detained by rebels to the north of the country, further complicating a peace process.


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