4 Aug 2020


In spite of recent progress in building a network of correspondents, North America (USA and Canada) and Australia had remained the biggest challenge for Gurtong. However, Gurtong had had to discontinue, hopefully temporarily, in hiring any Diaspora-based correspondents due to lack of adequate funding.

Luckily, Gurtong’s name and activities are already known to and respected by many among the Diaspora communities in North America and Australia and many of our former correspondents have continued to contribute regardless.

Most of them see Gurtong as it is: neutral and dedicated to communicating peaceful information. Gurtong can and does serve, not only as a link among South Sudanese in the Diaspora but also as a link of the Diaspora to Home organisations and families.

The Diaspora experience will be replicated for the burgeoning local NGOs and civil society organisations back home. In co-ordination with the home-based local NGOs and civil society organisations, Gurtong will strive to work even harder in the remaining 15 months of  the interim period to provide credible and timely information about the progress and resettlement of externally and internally displaced individuals and families.

Overall, the project will continue to focus on and champion publicity of positive contributions to peace and development by home and regionally based local and international NGOs as well as contributions by the South Sudanese Diaspora.

Last updated at 7/6/2020