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Gurtong Trust - Peace and Media Project is an independent, not-for-profit, community-based project.

Our mission is to remove all ethnic, political or personal obstacles on the way to unity, peace and mutual respect among South Sudanese. By advertising with Gurtong, you support our work and gain great exposure to our growing global audience.


 Established in 2002, the Gurtong website has by far the largest collection of reliable information about South Sudan and its peoples. It also has a well-established serious approach to historical, current and future issues as expressed in various opinion formats.
Gurtong therefore attracts a variety of serious-minded and well-informed readers with different backgrounds.
Gurtong Trust – Peace and Media Project’s activities are designed to fulfill a specific mission and objectives. Gurtong values and appreciates your support for this mission and objectives.
Why advertise on the Gurtong website?

 The many benefits include:
A Targeted Audience: Gurtong.net reaches a variety of people of different backgrounds at home and in the Diaspora: Government officials, diplomats, current and prospective business people, prospective returnees, and residents in Sudan, students, non-governmental / aid organizations. All these people have one thing in common: they need information about what is happening in South Sudan.
Competitive Advertising Rates: Our competitive rates allow you to experience the effectiveness of Gurtong as a marketing tool at a minimal cost. Our rates, which a mere fraction compared to similar website advertisers in Eastern Africa, guarantees effective coverage and value for service.
The Industry Context: Gurtong unites industry professionals who choose Gurtong.net to stay abreast of news and information about oil-rich South Sudan and its variety of peoples. Our affordable membership rates give members access to a wide range of resources to help them make informed decisions. In addition, each time your advert is posted, all Gurtong management members are sent alerts on their emails!
Over 60,000+ Over 1,600 Registered Members: Gurtong average monthly visits are over 65,000 visits and nearly 200,000 page views from over 100 countries spread across the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Sudan, Nigeria, Southern Africa, East Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel, among other countries across the globe.
Target a Lucrative South Sudan Market: South Sudan is rich in mineral resources, among them oil, gold and uranium. It is a post-conflict environment that requires heavy investment in development and has vast business opportunities. Industries and various sectors have begun to thrive in this region with many East African neighbours on the increase in these ventures. Security and investment regulations have become friendlier to old and new investors as the Government of Southern Sudan is working hard to provide peace dividends to the population ravaged by decades of war.
Build Awareness For Products & Services:  This includes tenders, job vacancies, business information in all sectors (travel/flights, accommodation, real estate, construction & engineering, tourism, finance & banking, bee keeping etc).

What will you find on Gurtong?

You will find, among others, diverse information on:
The peoples: All South Sudan ethnic communities are listed, each with relevant and appropriate information. Their traditional geographical location is also indicated on the map. South Sudanese themselves are beginning to learn on Gurtong about the vastness of their cultural wealth/diversity and challenges.
Governance: Divided into ten states, information about various components of governmental levels of South Sudan is available on the Gurtong website.
International Relations: Information about governments with representation in South Sudan at consular level or above is available on Gurtong. South Sudan representations in various neighbouring countries and elsewhere around the world is also available on the website. These foreign-based offices are the usual first contact for various visitors to South Sudan for visas and official information.
Documents: Important documents such as the various Protocols, that are components of the peace deal known as Comprehensive Agreement (CPA), are available on Gurtong website. The document containing the CPA itself is available on the site. Various Interim Constitutions as well as laws arising from such constitutions are available on Gurtong. Traditional Laws are also available on the website.
Business: Information about who is doing what business in South Sudan is available on the website. It also posts information about how to go about establishing business in the region.
Travel: Information about visas and how to get there and where to stay in many towns of South Sudan is also available on the website. Tips on health and security are also provided on the website.
Literature: Selected literature on South Sudan is available on the website.
Gurtong Media: This is a new feature that starts with Gurtong-produced radio programs. This will grow into short 1-3 minutes movie digital items in the near future, but we are now connected to www.youtube.com, which provides a variety of digital video/documentaries about South Sudan and its peoples.

Gurtong’s Advertising Solutions

Banners: Our banners provide high exposure for your company or product on the homepage and other ‘inside’ web pages, dependent on agreement / relevance. The banner will also link to your web page.
Listings: This is an alternative to banner advertisements where jobs, businesses are listed in just text form with the least information possible.
For jobs: This listing in text form with no graphics that provides the most important details of the job i.e. Name of the organization hiring, position, job description, person specification, closing date, and where to send applications.

For businesses: This listing in text form with no graphics that provides the basic details of the business i.e. Name of the organization/business, brief product / service description, contacts. This includes hotels, learning institutions, wholesale & retail shops, airlines.

Business Directory/ Company profile (Detailed Listing): Customers can also opt for the Gurtong business directory which is accessed by all members and this gives you exposure. This is posted in web pages of the related content. The listing in the directory includes company logo, full contact details, brief description/picture/images of your company’s products/services with a link to your website.
Link Exchange: This is a non-monetary agreement whereby Gurtong exchanges links with other organizations commonly referred to as “Barter trade”. The link exchange increases your organization’s visibility and is a way of increasing traffic by redirecting users. Both parties agree on the positioning of links and duration of this agreement.
Tenders, Calls for Proposals: Advertisements for tenders are important and delicate by their very nature and importance. Gurtong offers A 'Full Page Ad' linked to the homepage that helps you stand out. This Elite position receives the most views by every user accessing the site. This Unique service features tenders for goods and services, calls for proposals among others with detailed information. The content that goes to this section is unlimited. Recommended Banner sizes for the tenders are either 728X90 or 300X250

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