20 Oct 2021


The following companies are actively engaged in construction and infrastructure development projects in South Sudan.

China National Overseas Engineering Corporation (COVEC)

China National Overseas Engineering CorporationCOVEC has been operating in Southern Sudan since April 2006 engaged in the construction and renovation of buildings.

Among the Among the projects undertaken are rehabilitation of more than 10 wards, construction of an underground water reservoir and elevated water tank for Juba Teaching Hospital; renovation of Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly and maintenance of the Government of Southern Sudan President’s official residence.projects undertaken are rehabilitation of more than 10 wards, construction of an underground water reservoir and elevated water tank for Juba Teaching Hospital; renovation of Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly and maintenance of the GOSS President official residence.

ABM Construction Company

ABM Construction CompanyThe ABMC Group is a group of private companies based in Juba and dedicated to re-building South Sudan through private enterprise.

Founded in 2008 after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, ABMC started with road construction with a mission to provide world-class construction and engineering solutions. Over the years, ABMC has diversified from construction to agriculture, manufacturing and processing in bid to add value to clients, communities, employees and investors.

As the largest indigenous group companies in South Sudan, ABMC is known for efficiency, has two working cites, modern equipment and machines, competent internationals professionals, comprehensive employee package, and focused on developing Africa, beginning in South Sudan.

On implementing its efficiency, ABMC stands as the largest road construction company in South Sudan having constructed roads in Juba, Bilpam, Gudele, Munuki and other regions. Its aggregate sites have the output capacity of more than 100 tonnes per day, with modern crushers in both Jebel and Luri sites. On the tracks, ABMC has high power construction vehicles, which both mix concrete bodies and tippers.

Roko Construction Limited

Roko Construction LimitedRoko Construction Limited is a private international company based in Kampala, Uganda with focus on highway and street construction. It has branches in Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo and Sudan.

Among projects undertaken by Roko in South Sudan was the renovation of 3 GOSS ministries - Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry; Ministry of Cooperative and Rural Development; and Ministry of Health.

Roko is in charge of the renovation of 5 other ministry buildings. Contact: Near Ministry of Cooperative and Rural Development

They are specialized in Construction, Aluminum fabrication, Metal fabrication, Welding, Carpentry and joinery, Shuttering and scaffolding and Mechanical works and electrical work.

Tel Mob/GSM: +256 772767471 +211 977197776
Email: d.claasen@roko.com

Fattouch Industrial Holdings

Fattouch Industrial Holdings This company aims to produce asphalt, concrete and the basic raw construction materials and is keen because a number of projects in South Sudan involve construction of schools, hospitals and roads among others.




Lopii Contractors

Roko Construction LimitedLopii Contractors are general suppliers of building and construction materials within Torit, Eastern Equatoria State.
Contact: Torit (Head Office): Next to African Inland Church (AIC) airfield
P.O Box 295, Lodwar, Kenya
Telephone: +254 650 649 - Eliud Kerio Long'acha (Director)
Telephone: +254 6356 15171 or +88216 43335329 - Dick Alex Egillae (Site Manager)


ESP International Construction Company Limited

ABM Construction Company
This Company is Located in Juba along Airport Road after Royal Bank. It specializes in construction, Sand harvesting, Murram road construction, bricks/blocks manufacturing
Contacts: Tel 0956435555/0921225542
E-mail: services@esp-sud.com 


Five Books Engineering Company

Roko Construction Limited
Five Books Engineering Company are based in Torit, Eastern Equatoria State and are dealers in:

  • Welding and fabrication
  • Building and construction
  • Motor vehicle mechanics and panel beating
  • Road bridge construction
  • Electricity services and installation

Contact:  Torit (Head Office)
Telephone: +88216 31160094

Other Construction Companies across South Sudan include:        

  1. MacDowell Construction Company
  2. Mega Construction Company Limited
  3. Civicon Limited Road and Bridges Construction Company
  4. Jophco Engineering and Construction Company
  5. Eyat Construction Company



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