20 Jan 2020


South Sudan has attracted a lot of investments in the banking sector from the East African region. There are also mushrooming banks locally owned by the South Sudanese themselves.

As of May 2016, the number of commercial banks licensed and rendering banking services in South Sudan as regulated by the Bank of South Sudan is unknown.

However, the banking industry continues to attract a lot of interested players.

Bank of South Sudan

Bank of South Sudan Bank of South Sudan is the regulatory authority of the Banks in South Sudan. The ARCISS 2016 under Chapter IV. Resource, Economic and Financial Management highlights the following Institutional reforms expected in the BoSS.

Article 2.1 Bank of South Sudan (BoSS)

2.1.1 The TGoNU shall, within three (3) months of the beginning of the Transition, review legislation governing the Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) with a view to restructure and enable it to render efficient and effective service. This restructuring shall include, but not limited to, the leadership, composition, powers, functions and operations.

2.1.2 The nomenclature of the Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) shall be decided upon the promulgation of the new Constitution.

2.1.3 The Bank of South Sudan shall: Be independent in its statutory and supervisory functions; Be responsible for formulating monetary policy, promoting price stability, issuing currency, regulating the financial sector, and performing other functions conferred upon by the law; Be headed by a competent and appropriately qualified Governor; Adopt comprehensive reforms to improve its supervisory and regulatory functions and prudential regulatory roles; Have a board of nine (9) members appointed by the President in consultation and agreement with the First Vice President;

2.1.4 Within four (4) months upon the commencement of the Transitional Period, the President shall appoint the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan in consultation and agreement with the First Vice President.

The following financial institutions provide financial and banking products and services in South Sudan. The list is not exhaustive and information will continue being updated as we receive and verify it.

Buffalo Commercial Bank  |  Equity Bank   | Ivory Bank   |  KCB Sudan Limited   | Nile Commercial Bank (NCB)  | Sudan Microfinance Institution (SUMI)  |  Afriland First Bank | International Commercial Bank (ICB