29 Oct 2020


Yei River County Police Patrol Arrest 14 Under-Aged Children In Disco Halls

The military police patrol unit in Yei River County have arrested 14 under aged children found in disco halls.

Yei River County Police Patrol Arrest 14 Under-Aged Children In Disco Halls
A section of the under-aged girls and boys detained at the military police patrol office as they waited for their parents to secure their release after questioning. [Petia Suliman Loro]

By Petia Suliman Loro

YEI, 06 April 2013 [Gurtong] –
 The children were arrested early Sunday morning dancing in the disco hall and the group includes 10 girls and four boys of aged between 11 and 15.

The arrested were pupils and are detained at the military police patrol office waiting for their parents to secure their release after being questioned by the authority.

The disco organizer was also arrested for having allowed the under aged children to enter the disco hall.

The children were later released on a condition that each child received five strokes after most of their parents failed to turn up at the police station for questioning.

Juma David Augustine, the commissioner of Yei River County warned the arrested under aged children to keep away from night movement in the disco places.

Juma also urged the parents and guardians of the children to be cautious and control their children.

This week, Juma David Augustine has been counseling pupils, students, parents and teachers from the payams in Yei River County on the cases of primary school girls being impregnated by the teachers.

He called on both boys and girls to concentrate on their studies and keep away from immoral behavior.

According to the report by Yei Town payam Inspector of education, the use of mobile phones by young girls in the schools and dressing in miniskirts, contributed to the cases of pregnancies among the primary school girls.

Some pupils are also fond of loitering in the street, bars and hawking second hand clothes, all contributing to poor performance in school.

In September 2012, the commissioner issued a local order banning children selling second hand clothes, and other types of business, where a number of children were arrested by the police but later released on a ground that some of these children are orphans.

Last year, the commissioner issued a local order stopping all under aged children from entering disco and videos halls after a report showed that under aged children constituted the greatest number of discos and video shows attendants in the county.

The order also regulated the operation of the video and disco shows to close by 10pm but this order has not been implemented, as disco and video halls still operate normal in the county.

Juma said that the county authority will not sit back seeing the future of the nation is being ruined in videos and discos shows instead of concentrating on their studies.

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