18 Sep 2021


Lakes State SPLM Dismiss Senior Party Official, Two Others Arrested

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party in Lakes state has dismissed Rumbek Central County Assistant Secretary for Political and Organization Affairs.

By Gabriel Mayom

RUMBEK, 14 June 2013 (Gurtong) - The dismissal letter obtained by press indicates the dismissal was ordered by the Lakes state military caretaker Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol.

Dhuol ordered the arrest of Malek Majok Agok on Thursday when Agok was resisting the dismissal of Kau from the party.

Majok is the secretary for administration and Finance in Rumbek Central County SPLM party.
He is now under police custody without warrant of arrest.

On Wednesday, the Lakes state SPLM acting secretary Mabor Ater Dhuol arrested Daniel Wal Riak on separate argument between him and his junior.

Wal is now under police jail under department of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) but Wal said he is ready to stand before court.

In a dismissal letter signed by Mangar Matoc Machar , the SPLM party chairperson of Rumbek Central county indicated that membership of Kawaja Kau Madol is suspended till further investigations are done.

He also threatened the member not to publish any another article criticizing the ruling party and if so, he will lead further action.

Matoc quoted 2008 SPLM constitution article 10 (F) that say anyone engaging in the activities that undermine the objective and policy of the SPLM, contrary to the provision of this rule and regulation their membership in the party is also suspended until the SPLM county disciplinary committee is formed to investigate his attempts.

Any other release publish related will lead to termination of his membership in the party disregarding other procedures.

On June 4, Lakes state’s assistant secretary for political affairs in Rumbek Central county has criticised a recent conference by South Sudan’s ruling party (SPLM), saying it encouraged tribalism.

The conference held in Western Bahr-El-Ghazal focused on political reform, education, security and development.

Kawaja Kau Madol described the event as a deliberate attempt to mobilise ethnic groups against each other, adding that the country was facing increasing dangers from disaffected youth.

“We shall not address our security, social and political problems using levels of
the administration that are not recognised by our constitution”, he said, adding that political power struggles were exacerbating tribal gaps in the young nation.

Significant numbers of young men remain jobless right across entire South Sudan’s 10 states, with many being encouraged by politicians on a tribal basis.

Bride prices have also increased, putting marriage out of reach for many young unemployed men.

Adding to the disillusionment already felt, senior officials continue to employ their relatives, while the majority with qualifications remain without a job.

Madol said the current situation threatened the future of the SPLM.

“It can disintegrate the spirit into many regional blocks/groupings that will eventually lead to breaking up of the party”, he said

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