29 Oct 2020


South Sudanese Musician Pledges To Support Inmates In Malakal Prison

A South Sudanese Musician has visited Malakal, Upper Nile State and promised to raise funds to help the inmates at the Malakal prison.

South Sudanese Musician Pledges To Support Inmates In Malakal Prison
The musician popularly known as CJ Oman said he will raise funds to support the inmates at the correction facility. [Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 16 June 2013 [Gurtong] - The musician popularly known as CJ Oman said he came to visit his family as well as the inmates at the correction facility.

“I am very happy to South Sudanese. They are very good people, they like music and they have encouraged me during many occasions. If I have something I can share it with South Sudanese who are in need,” CJ Oman said.

He said that while in Juba, he visited the prison and celebrated music with them.

“I made for them fundraising to help them with it. It was not big but it could assist at certain circumstances,” he said.

He said that inmates are abandoned groups in societies but they are really in dire situation and should not be forgotten.

Oman said he will perform in Malakal and ask people to collect any kind they can afford to donate to their brothers and sisters who are suffering in the prisons.

“I think prisoners are also my fans. They must be liking my music but they can’t listen to it because they have no that freedom. So what I do here? I must bring music to them and because they are helpless, I can share with them the little I have. I will organize a day and perform at Malakal prison,” CJ Oman noted.
He said he sympathize with the poor situation faced by inmates in South Sudan.

Following the two decades in the civil war, a UNMISS report says that Prison system in only two years old country has fallen into “a sorry state.”

The report said that some inmates are detained in bad conditions and their cases are prolonged without being forwarded to courts for judgements.

Government officials admit that conditions in the country's prisons are dire, but have argued that reports fail to give the whole picture.

“There is no denying certain things like prolonged and arbitrary detention and failure to inform inmates about their rights,” said the Presidential Advisor for Legal Affairs, Telar Riing Deng, once at a seminar in the capital Juba.


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