28 Oct 2020


Upper Nile Musicians Decry Lack of Production Studios

South Sudanese musicians in Upper Nile State have decried lack of production studios for their songs as well as practice of career.

By Jok P Mayom

MALAKAL, 16 June 2013 [Gurtong] - Local Artist Mr. Adhil Athokrial has said that it is very hard to produce and record songs and even if they composed the songs locally, it still remains a challenge for them to have their songs recorded.

Athokrial was speaking at the Upper Nile University during the welcoming of new students.

“Songs when recorded stays for a long period of time and people sings them over and over again making them not to forget,” he said.

While being embedded in the story, Adhil expresses lack of recording and production studios as a threat in making them applying their skills.

I did my first album in Khartoum and the second album in Nairobi during my visits, which were costly in terms of production adding transport costs increases expenses and price of production.

“We only show our talent like this when we are invited for an occasion to come and do entertainment by singing which is not even enough for most of us to do, in occasion only 2 to 3 artists may be selected to sing and the rest remain,” he explained.

Athokrial urge states authorities specially the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports to intervene and provide means of getting them a production studio so as to boost the music in the state.

“Upper Nile State is a land locked state surrounded by the River Nile thus no access to road movement to other states having studios and even to Juba where some studios are located, it's only air transport and which is expensive for us to go out in search of studios,” he lamented

I think music can be the source of changing our community life style if we can improve and promote it well.

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