28 Oct 2020


Artists Vow to Form New Association

Western Equatoria State artists have resolved to form a new association following several complaints from the local artists that they are not considered in terms of performing their songs during state occasions and also cited corruption and lack of transparency with the current leadership.

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 14 July 2013 [Gurtong] – In a meeting chaired by the Deputy President of Western Equatoria State Artists Association who is the acting president of the association most of the upcoming artists of the state and some veteran artists who were bitterly complaining that only five artists are mainly considered by the association while neglecting the upcoming artists.

Three quarters of the artists said that they want to go independently in the industry without the rule of an association that is ruled by greedy people who are doing things for their self interest.

The acting president of the association urged the artists to unite and be calm such they can solve their differences but all efforts went in vain because the artists were already sad saying that they are not considered during government functions and the performance that was recently done to entertain guest at the state house.

They said that the same people who performed on the 9th of July at Gbudue Stadium during day time at the independent anniversary were the same who were chosen to perform again on the 10th at the state house.

The artists that resigned from the association also cited failure of the association administration in solving their problems and lack of a constitution to run the association.

They have vowed to form a union called the Western Equatoria State Artists Union to unite all the artists from the 10 counties of the state under a good and transparent leadership.

The President of the artists association is not in town for comments but his vice had nothing to say because the artists told him they no longer need the corrupt leadership.

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