29 Oct 2020


Authorities Call For The Ban Of ‘Wande Dance’

Authorities in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state have repeated the call for the ban of a ‘wande dance’, which is usually practiced by the youth and newly married couples, saying that the dance is ‘harmful’.

By Abraham Agoth

AWEIL, 09 August 2013 [Gurtong]–Delivering his speech during the memorial ceremony of the late Ajuet-Mawien Diing paramount chief, Sultan Mawien Diing Akol, the deputy governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, Salva Chol Ayat advised the community not to be misled by the foreign culture which is seen to be harmful to their cultural practices towards promoting the cultural heritage of the country.

“We have earlier issued the stern orders of banning the practice of what they call ‘Wande’ but in a reverse way some people took it in a wrong way that state government intended to ban the practice of the musical instruments or their outlay in the state, which was not the case. We again call on the youth especially newly married couples to stay away from this because of its harmfulness and cultural distortion,” Chol advised the gathering.

On technical point of view, Dr. Dut Garang says the practice of this dance is culturally influencing and has nothing to affect on the youth’s bodies or minds.

“This kind of dance does not affect youth anything whether minds, bodies or any other part of the human but affects only pregnant who meandering their hips while holding foetus in their wombs, but still these mothers can be medically advised to refrain from practicing this particular dance,” Dr. Dut warns.

Further to the sterns warning issued to public on the practice of the very type of dance, the deputy governor says the practice does not only affect the cultural influence but also affects the health of expectant mothers whose delivery may be endangered in one way or the other.

“Do not feel as if the banning of this practice is meant to keep you away from losing your cultures on how your grandfathers danced but also has something to do with mothers who are carrying human-beings in their wombs and still being bothered to apply this type of dance. They should not continue twisting their bodies while expectants, this is completely harming the child or foetus in the womb,” Chol added.

The deputy governor warned that the offenders shall be pragmatically dealt with in accordance with law wherever applicable.

His precedents implies that police shall take a major lead in observing the application of the rule in every county of the state adding that the public are strongly urged to adhere to the orders should they need to follow right track of safety.

Wande is a type of dance played by two different sexes where a male opens his thighs wider and a female fits into those thighs rubbing her buttocks onto the man’s thighs. This type of dance is being imitated through watching western world movies by group of youth who call themselves Niggers or Niggas.

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