29 Oct 2020


Artists Form Union To Fight Tribalism

South Sudanese artists have formed a union, known as Star Artist Comedia, aimed at creating unity and change in Upper Nile State and fight against tribalism.

Artists Form Union To Fight Tribalism
Malakal musicians entertaining residents at the Malakal Zoo on Saturday. [Jok P Mayom]

By Jok P Mayom

MALAKAL, 14 August 2013 [Gurtong]- The Artist’s chairperson, Mr. Mohamed Hamed Sayid, said that he has 13 artists and 10 drama presenters registered under him in the association.

According to Mohamed, there will be shows every Saturday in Malakal town that will make them sings meaningful songs to advocate against tribalism.

“We are united in the association with many of us coming from different tribes in the state amongst others from other states who are also staying in Malakal and have registered with us” he added.

Mohamed also reveals that there reason of forming the association was to also create chances for the people to know that there are artists in the state other than calling for artists from Juba to come and sing during important days.

“We need to have our own artists organized so that they are also recognized,” he added.

He said songs can change the life and behavioural attitudes of people especially when they are sung well and organized in a meaningful way.

A Student at the Upper Nile University popularly known as Jack City originally called Dut Deng Garang thanked the artists in Upper Nile for forming the union to fight tribalism through awareness on songs composition and singing.

“We also need to create peace through use of diverse cultures of Upper Nile State from all the tribes in the state,” said Mary Dak a female artist.

However the artists on the other hand decry lack of support, musical equipments and instruments to enhance their talents.

“We urge our citizens to leave tribalism, nepotism and focus on peace building. I am very sure the music we will be doing will bring a lot of change,” said Moses Ajing an artist during a show which attracted many people from around the town after it had been announced which was a sign of commitment to accept change.

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