29 Oct 2020


Artist Vows To Use Music To Boost Peace Efforts

A musician based in Western Equatoria state has vowed to support the government through singing songs which advocate for peace and reconciliation in the country.

Artist Vows To Use Music To Boost Peace Efforts
Artist Emmy J. Yoere, an audio producer, speaking to Gurtong in Yambio. He said he is ready to support the government to restore of peace. [Joseph Nashion]

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 09 January 2014 [Gurtong] – Artist Emmy J. Yoere, an audio producer in the state said what the country is about to witness is genocide as had happened in Rwanda years ago.

Emmy said though what is happening in South Sudan has some political aspects of power struggle within the parties, he is ready to support the government to restore of peace.

“I want to appeal to the organizations like UNDP, UNMISS and others to join hands together with the artists in South Sudan to work as team to spread the message of restoring peace and reconciliation of this country,” Emmy said.

He further said they can’t wait to see more bloodshed as the 21 years struggle was just more than enough.

He said as artists they are asking the leaders to note that we are a nation and we can’t wait messing up the all country basing on tribal issues or based on isolated political ambition by some politicians.

He said they should first see the feature of the people adding whenever something happens like what is happening now in the country it is always the innocent mothers and children to first to suffer.

“My word to all the youth is to put down all the arms, think about the future we have got the future and remember this nation has a very bright future,” he said.

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