25 Feb 2020


South Sudan Says UN Hides Rebels In Camp

South Sudan Information Minister, Michael Makuei, has accused the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) of hiding rebels with guns inside their camp in Bor, Jonglei State.

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA, 20 January 2014 [Gurtong] - On Sunday, upon visiting Bor capital to acquaint himself with the situation there, Michael Makuei was denied access to the camp by the UNMISS Peacekeeper’s Commander at the camp.

Thousands of South Sudanese internally displaced persons (IDPs) are camped at the UNMISS compound in Bor.

“What we have seen in that compound [UNMISS compound in Bor] demonstrates the ill intentions of the UNMISS as a UN entity here in Bor town,” Makuei said.

“Well, this ultimately confirms [that UNMISS hides rebels in their camps]. We have seen lot of uniforms thrown outside, where are the riffles of those who were carrying these uniforms,” questioned the Minister.

UNMISS however, denied the accusations, saying it is against the UN principle of impartiality.

“UNMISS denies. UNMISS is impartial. It will go against the impartiality of the United Nations if we are not to be impartial,” Ariane Quentier the UNMISS Spokesperson responded.

Bor was recaptured on Saturday by the SPLA from rebel control close to three weeks.

Thousands of rebels loyal to ex Vice President Riek Machar had been battling around the town for close to three weeks.

Thousands of the civilians took refuge at the UNMISS compound as others crossed to Lakes States.

The UN Secretary-General in a statement today said he was alarmed on attempt by senior members of the Government of South Sudan and South Sudan army to force entry into the protection of civilians site at the compound of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in Bor.

The statement said that the Secretary-General is particularly disturbed that United Nations staff were threatened by South Sudan military when they refused to allow armed soldiers to accompany civilians to visit the UNMISS protection site.

This incident is just one of a growing number of violations of the Status of Forces Agreement, making it increasingly difficult for UNMISS to implement its mandate and dangerous for United Nations staff working in South Sudan.

Thousands of civilians have been killed, brutally abused and left homeless in just over a month of conflict in South Sudan.

The Secretary-General calls on the parties and their respective leaders to do far more to ensure that fighters under their command protect civilians and respect International Humanitarian Law.

“They should also immediately cease hostilities, which have had such a devastating impact on their young country.”

The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) says it faces growing threats from both sides as they shelter tens of thousands of civilians in compounds across the country.

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20/01/2014, 8:17 PM
 - Posted by Majak Peter
What do you expect my dear minister Micheal Makuei when UNMISS is an organization of western imperialists who are supporting puppet 'Riek" and his militias! only God knows where they put the guns.. mr minister the sooner you kick out the so called Hilde Johnson and her UNMISS out of South Sudan, the more peaceful and stable our country will be.! believe me..
21/01/2014, 6:24 AM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Consider the maxim: "Do an to others what you would like others do an to you". If defeated SPLA soldiers on the government side sought refuge in the UNMISS compound, would you like UNMISS to hand them over to rebels? Would you thank UNMISS for allowing the rebels into their compound to identify and arrest or kill SPLA soldier among the thousands of civilians inside that compound? Be reasonable. If South Sudan has a legitimate case against UNMISS, they should raise it with the Secretary General. If the United Nations is a Western organisation, what is South Sudan doing in it?
21/01/2014, 7:13 AM
 - Posted by Majak Peter
@Jacob I'm not going to comment on every nonsense you have said here! but i only want to ask you a very simple and clear question Do you think or has anyone told you minister Micheal Makuei when to UNMISS compound to asked them to handover the rebels who sought refuge in their compound to him? only Europeans and Americans mentally manipulated minded people like you have not understood the role of UNMISS in this conflict! Makuei is a legitimate son of BOR county and at the same a legitimate gov't minister! he was going to see his people who are taking refuge in the compound.
21/01/2014, 8:18 AM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Dear Peter,
You are welcomed. We have enough in our hands as it is without looking for more enemies. Let's join hands for peace and welcome anyone willing to join us. South Sudan has to have a very good reason to take on the UN when thousands of our people are displaced.

21/01/2014, 12:33 PM
 - Posted by Majak Peter
@Jacob i really want us to be in peace as you said and at the same time want UNMISS to stick to their business which brought them to South Sudan! if they are really neutral in this conflict then why are they always condemning what the gov't forces did but don't condemned what the rebels are doing?
21/01/2014, 2:11 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
Hi Peter, I see what you mean. I agree with you that they do not blame the rebels as often as they do the government; but reason that the Government of South Sudan, being a member of the world's body and therefore the legitimate and recognised lawful authority in the Republic of South Sudan, is expected to have a higher moral level, seen as bearing more responsibility and more accountable for all that goes on in her territory, be it positive or negative. The Government of South Sudan should not expect itself to be placed on the same pedestal with a people who are classified as "rebels" and therefore "lawless". The very fact that the nation is unstable is seen as the responsibility of the government of the day. Rebels traditionally enjoy a certain amount of irresponsibility that is not and cannot be accorded a legitimate government. Any government expecting a rebel movement to bear as much blame as the people they call rebels is missing the point and does bring herself down to the same level as the rebels. South Sudan should not do it. That's my view anyway.
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