Warrap’s Former Governor Turns Writer

The first post-war governor of Warrap State, Lewis Anei Madut Kuendit, has now written two books. The first is titled “The History of the Dinka People” while the second one is titled “Dinka Religion”.

By Ariik Atekdit

Lewis Anei was among the first governors appointed soon after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement by Dr. John Garang De Mabior; but lost his gubernatorial post to Gen. Anthony Bol Madut after nine months in the office.

Ustaz Kuendit said he has utilized the time of no public appointment to write a book of Dinka History from the creation to the present day, thus becoming the first Dinka intellectual to tackle the difficult task of writing the Dinka history.  He said he doesn’t regret or blame the government for not employing him in a busy post for the last eight years; but appreciates it because his two books would not have been finished.

“These two books”, he said, “are making me popular and I am gaining fame”. Kuendit now serves as an advisor for Culture and Heritage in the national Ministry of Culture and Youth. He challenged South Sudanese politicians that serving the nation is not only found in a government post but can be created by individuals on private basis.

“I cannot regret not having been assigned a government’s post. There are over eight million South Sudanese who have the right to be employed, so if one stays in a government’s post for over 10 years one be blocking others out of a job,” he noted

Kuendit, is a graduate of Juba University where he attended and graduate 24 years ago in history and literature.

He said he has been researching Dinka history for over thirty years since his school days and had interviewed over one thousand Dinka chiefs and intellectuals about the history across Dinka community from Aweil to Renk and Abyei to Yirol.

He said he has used history methodology he learned in the university to collect data and put them in the format printed today into books. Kuendit said that though he is committed to writing he still is still interested in politics, adding that he is dealing with two professions simultaneously.

The ex- governor said he is working on two new books, “one being on Late George Athor with Riek Machar in it and the other on Dinka philosophy.

“I am now writing about Athor: ‘The Rise and Fall of An SPLA General’ and it includes a chapter about Riek Machar and ‘power struggle in South Sudan’. I will focus on these two individuals in this book,” said Kuendit.



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