4 Aug 2020


Veteran Politician Speaks Out On Accommodation And Federalism

Veteran Western Bahr El Ghazal (WBGS) politician, Efisio Kon Uguak, has announced his opposition to the creation of the new post of prime minister, a move which is being considered as a potential means of accommodating former VP and rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar.

Veteran Politician Speaks Out On Accommodation And Federalism
Efisio Kon Uguak [Gurtong file photo taken in 2012]

WAU, 21 AUGUST 2014 - Speaking to Gurtong, the former deputy governor of WBGS and member of the SPLM’s influential National Liberation Council (NLC), said that the proposal to create a post which is not in the constitution of the country should be regarded as a violation of that constitution.

“Any attempt to create the post of prime minister, which not in the national constitution, is a contrary act toward the national parliament,” said Uguak, continuing: “For the sake of peace and stability, the president of the Republic of South Sudan upon his presidential powers has right to only establish the limited position of second vice president”.

Suggesting that the major barrier to a peace agreement is the question of the future position of Dr. Machar in the national government, Uguak offered some advice to the former Vice President turned rebel leader

“If Machar needs to be a president of people of south Sudan… [He] Machar should lay down his weapons which he has taken against the people, and turn to peace dialogue to determine his ruling style”, said Uguak, who concludes that Machar should not continue killing people whom he claims to rule in the future.

Uguak opined that there is no reason that the people of South Sudan should continue dying at the hands of their own people. If a power struggle is the cause, he continued, there should be an attempt through power sharing to restore peace in the country.

Meanwhile Uguak call on the government of south Sudan during these regular fail talks in presence of Africa regional block IGAD to maximally protect its citizens from the rebel’s atrocities.

Uguak questioned the motivation of the rebels in continuing to violate the Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) agreement, describing those who keep fighting as illiterates who do not listen to radio or TV about the need for peace in the country and who do not care about the lives of their people.

Uguak also denounced demands to introduce a federalist system in the country, saying that instead the people of South Sudan should first review the step just recently taken in introducing a decentralized

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