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Emeritus Bishop Taban Determined To Make Kuron EES A Peace Village

Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban, Founder and Chairman of Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron (HTPVK) says Kuron village in Kauto Payam, Eastern Equatoria State will be an exemplary model of a peace village for South Sudan where people from different communities live in harmony as one family.

Emeritus Bishop Taban Determined To Make Kuron EES A Peace Village
Bishop Emeritus Paride Taban [File Photo]

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA, 23rd February 2015 [Gurtong]: Emeritus Bishop Taban also the Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation said that Holy Trinity Peace Village is promoting community peace building in Kuron.

“This year, I took a team to Kenya, Kisumu “Dala Rieko” a peace Village founded by a Norwegian Friend Mr Tor Steinar Rafoss, after the conflict in Kenya during the 2007 election. We are now trying to implement the experience of community Peace Building in Kuron” said Emeritus Bishop Taban.

He says he does not doubt that Kuron will be a peace village as the Toposa community is responding well to the idea.

In 1999, the local communities ,the Toposa, Jie, Murle, Kachipo, Buya, Nyangatom and others who had been fighting over cattle (rustling) were trained how to grow fast maturing crops like cassava, fruits like paw paws and vegetables, use of improved variety of seeds and better farming methods like ox-ploughing and use of animal draught power.

The main purpose of introducing agriculture in Kuron village was to promote food production among a people who were predominantly pastoral communities and to gradually transform them into agro-pastoralists.

The Emeritus Bishop says he wants to make the Kuron Peace Village a true Peace Village, to enable the local communities be self-reliant.

Bishop Taban said “The Holy Trinity Peace Village Kuron or HTPVK in South Sudan was started in 1999 as a demonstration farm by me when I was the Bishop of the diocese of Torit.” Adding that “In February, 2004, when I retired from administrative duties and became Bishop Emeritus, HTPVK was established as an exemplary Village where people from different tribes, nations and religions live and work together to promote peace and development in their surrounding communities.”

The village is situated remotely in Kauto Payam, Kapoeta East County, Eastern Equatoria State in the Republic of South Sudan along the road from Narus to Boma.

The Peace Village is involved in certain Programmes and activities with the ultimate goal of Socio-economic development of the local community.

HTPVK is a registered Non-Profit Organization under the Catholic Diocese of Torit running various projects in the field of agriculture, education, health and peace building while constantly maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure and service delivery.


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