28 Oct 2020


WFP-Short Of Enough Funds To Facilitate Its Programs

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) says they never faced more challenging humanitarian situation in the world than they are facing this year.

By Jacob Achiek

JUBA, March 23, 2015 [Gurtong] – WFP Executive Director, Ertharin Cousin at a press briefing on Sunday said they have over fifty million refugees and internally displaced people and five significant crisis as well as evolving situations in Nigeria and Yemen.

“It is easy for the world to forget, to ignore South Sudan,” Ertharin Cousin said.

She said their commitment is not to allow people – the global community to forget the victims of this ongoing crisis in South Sudan especially the mothers, children, the seniors, and the disabled that WFP wants to serve.

“I was very proud to have this opportunity to visit Unity State as well as the POC site along with the US Ambassador for the Rome based agencies who travelled with me along with my colleagues from the regional office and the country office here,” Cousin said.

Cousin said they came to alert the world that the 3 million people they are trying to reach are not just statistics, they are people.  She said the challenge is, the longer this conflict continues it is easy for the world to begin to think of them simply as a cost or as a statistic. 

Cousin said she is excited that they have a program that is not only planning to save lives by providing the food assistance and the nutrition assistance required.  But she said they are also looking to ensure that they provide hope through their school feeding program.

“We are working alongside other agencies to provide the school meals that are necessary to keep children in schools which is why I was very proud to have Toby Lanzer, Humanitarian Coordinator travelling with us because no one agency alone can provide the hope that is necessary. It is all of us working together and that is what Toby represents.”

She visited the Protection of Civilians Site (POC) camp in Juba where they distributed not just food but vouchers, “Giving people the cash, the access cash that allows them to purchase the food that they want, not just the foods that we are distributing. And so, we saw people use their vouchers to purchase dried milk as well as beans and grains. And what they told was that they were excited about having the ability to make decisions about what their children can eat.”

But what was also exciting was to talk to the vendors, the traders that are working with us. They said now they can make money. Now, “even though the conflict stops people from earning a living, with our program.”

She said the difficult news is that “we don’t have enough money to get all these programs going.”

“We are US 250 million dollars short, with all the commitments that donors have made, just to operate our programs for the next six months. So we need donor help. WFP is 100 percent voluntarily funded. And we need the people in the world to recognize that there is hope in South Sudan.”

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