20 Oct 2021


Abyei Traders Raise Concerns Over Poor Roads

The traders Union in Abyei are facing a major challenge in the transportation of their goods due to the deplorable conditions of roads linking Abyei to other states and neighbouring Sudan.

By Daniel Angok M

Abyei, 26, March 2015 [Gurtong]-
The head of the Traders Union for both Sudan and South Sudanese traders, at Agok Market in Abyei region South of Kiir Adem River, Monyluak Mayool Deng told Gurtong that goods cannot reach their destination in time because of the poor roads.

“What we are facing is the issue of poor roads. Traders are not comfortable doing business with such a challenge. We cannot be able to bring in our goods in time.” Monyluak Mayool added that the roads become impassable during the rainy season.

He said that the traders had a meeting on Tuesday and agreed to stock enough goods before the rainy season begins when the roads become impassable.

Another trader in Agok market, Achuel Baak Mayom, also complained of the poor state of the roads in the region.

“Our problem in the region is the poor road networks. Because when it rains vehicles coming from Juba take almost a week or two weeks for the vehicle which is loaded with goods to reach Agok Market.”

During the rainiy seasons, food prices skyrocket in the contested region because of the poor roads.

In Abyei, the rainy season means that in a few months some areas can no longer be accessible by road.


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