20 Oct 2021


Two New Lawmakers Appointed In EES

Mr. Boniface Lochebe and Barnaba Lojo, both from Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, SPLM, have been appointed by the Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong Lojore to join the State Legislative Assembly as lawmakers effective from March 30, 2015 as per a gubernatorial decree.

Peter Lokale Nakimangole

JUBA, 31 March 2015 [Gurtong]-
The two newly appointed legislators, Hon. Lochebe and Hon. Lojo, have respectively replaced the two outgoing Hon Charles Ambrose Lokonoi and Hon. Martin Lopir Lotubai, former state Members of Parliament who have left for new roles as County commissioners of Kapoeta North and Kapoeta South Counties in that order.

Late last year, subsequent to their appointments to the posts of County Commissioners in their respective counties; Kapoeta North and Kapoeta South respectively, the former MPs took critical decisions to submit their individual resignations to the new state Legislative Assembly Speaker, Tobiolo Alberio Oromo, with intention to eventually allow them get committed for better performances in their new assignments.

Under the tickets of the SPLM, the two leaders will now represent the people of Toposa at the State Parliament.

Prior to this, late last year, Hon. Lokonoi, formerly state Local Government Minister and Hon. Lopir, the former state legislators were appointed to replace Hon. Lokai Iko Loteyo and Hon. Martin Lorika Lojam respectively as county commissioners through a gubernatorial decree.

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