20 Oct 2021


Upper Nile Former Deputy Governor Says He Will Invest In Agriculture

The former Deputy Governor of Upper Nile State has said that he will commit himself to invest in agriculture after losing his public post in the state government as the second important man in the region.

Upper Nile Former Deputy Governor Says He Will Invest In Agriculture
Hon. Awer Dau Agany, UNS Former Deputy Governor [Photo| Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

JUBA, 12 April 2015 [Gurtong] - Hon. Awer Dau Agany who has been working in the government of Governor Simon Kun Puoc since his election to office in 2010, was relieved from duty through a gubernatorial decree and was replaced by Philip Gwyne as the Deputy Governor.

Awer said he had previously been a farmer and has some agricultural fields in Melut and Renk Counties in northern Upper Nile State.

"I think I have served the government for some time now. And because I have been removed doesn't mean that I have to go home and stay idle. Before my appointment to various government positions, I was a farmer. I could cultivate a large piece of land to produce food. God has blessed us with that resource, even when I was in government I could still do that business but I think I shall have enough time to focus on it this time," Hon. Awer said.

Awer urged all the politicians who have lost their positions in government never to stay idle in the communities but try to be productive.

"We as politicians need to know what to do after losing our positions. There is a great gap in food production in South Sudan. These are the chances that we should work on to save the citizens. And therefore I have made up my mind and I will be in my farm and produce food for the people of South Sudan," he said.

Awer who is proud of his SPLM membership says that he will continue to support the government both in the state and national level.

"A faithful member of the party can continue to support the government even after losing posts. This is because loyalty to the party is not based on employment but on principles. If one agrees with the objectives and principles of the party one can remain faithful and work for the achievement of the vision on documents," he said.

However, the politician added that the activities of the opposition forces in the area especially within Renk County have affected the agricultural production in the region.

Awer came to the state politics starting as county commissioner to the post of Cabinet Minister, advisor and was later promoted to deputy governor during the conflict period.

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