20 Oct 2021


Farming In Abyei Affected By Conflicts And Lack Of Enough Tractors And Farm Machinery

Following attacks by the Messeriya Arab militia against the Dinka Ngo community in Abyei, including other factors, farming has been severely affected in the Northern part of the Abyei region.

By Daniel Angok

Abyei, 17, April 2015 [Gurtong] -
Abyei Administrative Area (AAA ) authority has about five tractors in working conditions which also are constrained by lack of fuel to operate.

Insecurity has caused significant displacement and loss of assets including crops and food stocks. It has also led to increase in prices of goods in the local markets in the region.

Francis Ayuel Deng, the Head of Agriculture in the disputed area of Abyei says only two out of the five tractors in the area are functional.

He says his Ministry is awaiting approval for more tractors to be brought to the region.

“We have requested 25 tractors from the National Ministry of Agriculture because we have heard about 1,000 tractors are in Juba but we don’t know how many tractors will be approved by the national ministry.” He stressed

With an increase of tractors in Abyei, the Head of Agriculture in the region says that crop production will increase.

Abyei area is characterized by two rain seasons, first rain season starting normally in June and second rains in early August.

In a normal year, land preparation would start earlier in May and planting would commence immediately at the start of the first rainfall.


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