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CNHPR Planning A Roll-Out Of National Reconciliation Consultations In Warrap State

The Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation [CNHPR] is planning to roll-out a national reconciliation consultation in Kwajok, Warrap State.

By Jok P Mayom

JUBA, 02 April 2015 [Gurtong]
: Peter Kuot, CNHPR communications’ officer in a statement said four months after the successful completion of a 4 week reconciliation facilitation training for 75 lead peace mobilisers from all ten states, “CNHPR is meeting with the Warrap delegation of the Yei process to strategize the roll out of its’ envisaged nation-wide reconciliation consultations to take place next month.”

The meeting was attended by CNHPRs acting Secretary General James Atem, CNHPR Warrap state chair Bishop Moses Deng, Reverend John Chol Daau, members of Youth in Solidarity and 6 individuals who attended the Yei training and will be instrumental in facilitating the successful roll-out of the Warrap-wide consultation.

Warrap will be the first state in which CNHPRs three-year vision of consulting the people of South Sudan on their views in regards to peace and reconciliation will be rolled out.

“Training will take place in May 2015 during which 50 peace mobilisers will be trained to facilitate and document consultations held at the Payam level in each county of Warrap state” said CNHPR.

“Particular emphasis will be placed on ensuring the voices of women as well as other important stakeholders are heard and included”.

Knowing that other organizations have equipped individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to mobilize for peace, CNHPR has ensured that the selection of Warraps’ peace mobilisers is inclusive and robust, including every payam.

This weekend CNHPRs executive committee, led by Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul and Bishop Paride Taban, Moderator Peter Gai, Bishop Enoch Tombe, Bishop Rudolf Majak and Bishop Isaiah Majok Daau will be meeting to discuss the roll-out of the state consultations and other policy issues relating to CNHPRs mandate.
 “As part of its strategic plan, the Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation (CNHPR) will be conducting a nationwide community consultations program” Kuot said.
“The process will be led by over 550 peace ambassadors selected from the ten states and Abyei (50 persons per state). This initial phase of this program was done last year by training 76 of the peace ambassadors for one month in Yei as Trainers of Trainees (ToTs)” he said.
“These individuals were selected from the ten states and Abyei and trained to go and help in training others in their various states”.
“The Community consultations program now kicks off in Warrap State with two week training of 50 peace ambassadors who will subsequently move to all the Payams to organize and hold community consultations”.
“For effective accomplishment of this landmark process, CNHPR held a planning meeting in Kuajok to strategically plan the program that has been set for April 15th”.


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