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South Sudan ANC Calls For A Federal System In The Country

The head of South Sudan’s African National Congress (ANC) has revealed that his political party is aiming for the setting up of an appropriate federal system to govern the country.

By Ariik Atekdit

JUBA, 21 April 2015 [Gurtong] - The retired police officer, Gen. George Konggor Arop said that the African National Congress party is working in South Sudan to advocate for democracy and good management of the country’s affairs and that the party aims for federalism to be applied in the country as a system of governance.

Rtd Gen. Konggor however, said the system will not be created with the ill-intention to divide the people of South Sudan into regions, tribes, communities or the chieftaincies.

“We need federalism in South Sudan but not to divide people, not a kokora type. We are a party who really do what our people want. We are not interested in positions. ANC is not interested in positions. That must be a position under every mountain, or that there must be a position in every single hut. And every cattle camp aiming for a political position; this is not what ANC is for!” Konggor said.

“We need a federal system which is relevant to our current situation in South Sudan. We are not here to separate our people. ANC believes that if you are capable in Centre Equatoria for example then you can go and work in Aweil as a minister, why not? I can take you from here and work with your people in that end. It is just taking power to the people” Konggor continued.
Gen. George Konggor Arop was once a senior member with the Khartoum based National Congress Party (NCP) during the period of South Sudan’s war of liberation. Konggor became so close to Bashir’s Administration and he was appointed as the country’s second Vice President in the then United Sudan in 1990s.

Gen. Konggor, however, differed with President Omar Bashir and he was sacked, leading to the formation of the African National Congress (ANC) in 2006 as a new political party in Sudan.

Konggor said his party is so much concerned about the future of Abyei and that they will continue to observe how the 10-year-old Abyei protocol signed in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is being handled by the two ruling parties in Sudan and South Sudan.

The ANC head says that the judiciary system in South Sudan must be independent to allow the rule of law to operate in the country.

He blamed the current South Sudan’s conflict on power greed accusing the rival parties of not standing with South Sudan innocent population who are longing for peace to return to the country.

Konggor also charged the ruling regime of doing so little in building a strong economy in South Sudan that would make the coming generation have a better future.

“There is no economy in South Sudan. There is nothing. We in ANC have a special concern for our next generation. We have rows. There is a first row generation, the second the third and the fourth row generation. If you don’t make a good economy for these generations; how will they live in the next coming years?” Konggor concluded.


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