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Fuel Prices Shoot Up In Northern Bahr el Ghazal

Fuel shortage in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state remains a nightmare as it has led to an increase in pump prices.

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, April 21, 2015[Gurtong] -Motorists in the state have attributed the shortage of fuel to the closure of routes from Sudan, the high rate of the dollar and poor roads.

Like the prices of food commodities, fuel prices have shot up in recent weeks following what government officials believe, to have connections with poor supply and high market demand.
Simon Tong Deng, Aweil town Municipality Deputy Mayor says despite having only two petrol stations which are fully stocked with petrol to serve the whole state, the prices are relatively high.

“The fuel prices have really gone higher and higher, even to the extent of 1 liter costing 16 South Sudanese pounds here in Aweil town and a jerry can costs over 200 SSP. However, things are not like in the last two days. A businessman son from Aweil came with petrol from Juba. Two Petrol stations are now available and there is a sign of improvement not that big change but a little better compared to the past.” He said.

Though the two petrol stations have enough stock that can supply the whole town for the next one week, the prices of fuel remains high as the price of a liter changed from 8 SSP to 16 SSP over few days.

Simon Tong says the high demand in the market will not be met by the two petrol stations unless additional supplies are brought.

Local fuel sellers in Aweil have complained that the luck of fuel in the local market is due to Sudan not supplying oil as it used.

James Garang a business man in Aweil who sells fuel says that the prices are determined by the cost price.

“Why we increased the prices of fuel is because we also buy it at an expensive price and that is why we sell it a bit expensive here. Like the 0.5 liter is now 10-12 SSP. If the prices drop from where we bring it from, then definitely, this will also affect our prices here as well so that we reduce it.” He said.

Joseph Machar, a motorist in Aweil town says that their movements have now been restricted because of the high prices of fuel.

“The increment of the fuel can make you not go to some places where you want to go. May be if you want to go to the County, you cannot go there due to the crises of fuel, if you cannot afford as a citizen to buy fuel you cannot go where you want.” He noted.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal state depends on the imported goods especially from bordering state of Sudan.

This however usually proves difficult during wet seasons as most of the roads become   impassable.

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