20 Oct 2021


Buya Chief Administrator Takes Up Office

A newly appointed Chief Administrator for Laarim (Buya) Administrative Area, Hon. Anthony Gore Pakamoi, assumed office on Saturday.

Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 22 April 2015 [Gurtong]
– Accompanied by Eastern Equatoria State Finance and Economic Planning Minister Hon. Morris Merisiya Kaunda and representatives from the state ministry of Local Government headed by Director General Abdallah Hassan Famai, in companies of Laarim intellectuals, the newly appointed Chief Administrator Hon. Gore met a joyous and warm reception during his arrival from Torit to the Administrative Area, Buya.

Welcoming him alongside the delegation led by the State Finance Minister Hon. Merisiya who also comes from the area, were thousands of the Buya youth, women, elders and all Chiefs who eagerly cheered up the occasion with high thunderous ululations.

After the warm and colorfully attended welcome at Karamorok and Yei, the Chief Administrator was introduced by the Minister Merisiya, in Napak Payam, the present Headquarters of the Buya Administrative Area, to all the Chiefs and Buya leaders who later thanked them for demonstrating strong love towards his appointment.

Addressing a huge congregation of the Laarim Community converged in Kimotong Payam, Laarim Administrative Area, on Sunday; the state Finance Minister Merisiya congratulated the community for the offer by the Governor Louis Lobong Lojore over the given administrative Area (Laarim/Buya).

He advised the Community to collaboratively work with the newly appointed Chief Administrator in order to realize effective service delivery to realize tangible development in the region.

Speaking on Sunday, the state Local Government Director General Abdallah Hassan Famai assured the community that his ministry will send administrative officers to immediately start the work in the office of the Chief Administrator in the Area.

Chief Administrator Gore was appointed through a gubernatorial decree on 8 April 2015.  

In February, the State Governor Lobong established three autonomous Administrative Areas; namely Jie/Mogos, Kauto and Laarim with an aim to bring basic services closer to inhabitants and ensuring proper and stronger coordination with ease of management.

Established as Administrative Areas by an Executive Order No. 1/2015 issued by the state governor, effective from 23 February 2015, the Jie/Mogos and Kauto are annexed from Kapoeta East County while Larim Administrative Area has been annexed from Budi County.

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