25 May 2019


Refugees In Nyumanzi Educated On Ways To Prevent Cholera

The wide spread outbreak of cholera and dysentery in the Nyumanzi settlement camp in Dzaipi transit centre in Adjumani District in Uganda has been attributed to poor hygiene.

By Lioto Samuel

NYUMANZI, 13 November 2015 [Gurtong]
-In August this year, 5 refugees in the camp lost their lives to cholera, which prompted AAH to launch a massive vaccination of the families against the endemic.

On Friday, as a way of forging a long term solution against the occurrence of the disease, the rotary club scouts volunteered to educate the refugees on the possible ways of preventing cholera and other water borne diseases by giving practical demonstrations.

The team led by Mr. Ezekiel Badigo and representatives from the Ministry of Health led by doctor Opio Denis spent almost 4 hours giving live skills to the family heads to educate their families and the community on how to curb the disease.

The refugees were advised to construct pit latrines and dispose all fecal wastes in to the toilet, including that of young children who might have defecated behind their grass thatched houses in the camp.

Washing hands with soap upon visiting the toilet and ensuring at all times that garbage is properly disposed to the pits was part of the teachings given to the refugees.

The representatives from the ministry however said that, there is a gap in the funding meant for the refugee’s health, but they will appeal to the donor community to immediately fill in the half funded gap to make sure that health is a priority for all the refugees in the camp.

After the short training, the club offered a brand new land cruiser car, registration number UAX 543V to the health unit established by UNHCR on the Ugandan side, to help in future cases of transporting sick refugees from the camp to the government hospital in situations of any cholera outbreak or maternal health.


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