Madi Community In Australia Offer Support To IDPS In South Sudan

Addressing a group of youth and elders in the town council headquarters, Gabriel Amoko, the Chairman of the Madi youth council in Australia and Mr. Fobbs Manuel, a friend to the region said that the madi community in Australia have urged South Sudanese to unite in favor of peace and reconciliation.

Madi Community In Australia Offer Support To IDPS In South Sudan
IDPs in South Sudan [File photo by Gilbert Modi]

By Lioto Samuel

NIMULE, 23 November2015 [Gurtong] -
“Our people in the diaspora thought of reconciliation and forgiveness as the only weapon to the renovation of our country,” said Amoko. In their short visit to the region, the two said that the diaspora community of South Sudanese has not neglected those who are suffering in refugee camps.

They said that they are doing a mobilization process of those in the diasporato come up with a contribution in kind or financially to help in supporting the young children and the elderly who are living in the camps.

“Early, this year, we made a financial contribution amounting to USD 70,000  through the Kayanja ministries for the purchase of cooking oil, beans, soap and maize brand, and the internally displaced people in Bor witnessed the love of Christ and that of their brothers and sisters here in Australia. We are still going to do more contributions, through our partners and friends,” said Mr. Fobbs.

The two said that, the Madi community abroad does not support individuals whose ambitions are to tear the implementation process of the recently signed peace deal, by wagging unnecessary attacks on buses and on the highways generally.

To them, this is one way of causing hatred among tribes and it brings further disunity and failure to the peace deal.

In turn, the youth community in Nimule and the association of elders awarded a certificate letter of thanks to the South Sudanese Australian Madi Lukayi community (SSMLC) who have lived in Australia since the 1990s.


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