12 Aug 2020


Rival Communities Reconcile In Lakes State

Three communities in Lakes States of Kuei, Pakam and Rup from Rumbek central and Northern Counties, have agreed to bring to an end a seven-year old long conflict that have devastated the region.

Rival Communities Reconcile In Lakes State
Three cows brought by the rival communities in Lakes for sacrifice as a sign of good gesture [Photo by Mabor Riak]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 23 November 2015 [Gurtong] -
The warring communities brought three (3) bulls during a three day peace initiative as a sign of good gesture for sacrifices, after they had successfully exhausted and reached a conclusion that, they will cease fighting and embrace peace among each other.

The three communities agreed to share one cattle camp, and one water point alongside river Naam and Lol Manyiel grazing land that have been the area of contention to the communities with effect from November, 2015 in a peace meeting held in Akon Buoi.

The Security Advisor in the State, Marial Amum Malek confirmed that, the three chiefs agreed that the grazing land and water point in Lol Manyiel and most of the cattle camps will be shared and free for animal grazing.

Marial Amum said that there is a good sign and hope to bring lasting stability and peace among the 3 communities of Kuei, Pakam and Rup of Agar Dinka Ethnic community of Rumbek Central and North Counties.

Mr. Marail Amum said, the meeting had addressed and resolved many issues of revenge killings and attacks, cattle rustling and road ambushes, as well as issues of attacking the organized forces at their location in the villages where they are carrying out their duties.

“As a government we will ensure that all these resolutions shall be implemented accordingly and nothing will be left out” Mr. Amum assured the communities.

“Such criminals of road ambushes when found by the administrative police must be apprehended and handed over to the government, and it is agreed in the resolution that there will be no space again for criminals to hide in the bushes.”

The security adviser applauded the administrative police within the community for apprehending 240 suspects of road ambushes more especially in Rumbek East, Cueibet and Greater Yirol.

The Executive Chief of Rup community of Panyon section of Rumbek Centrral, Majok Maper Manyiel told Gurtong that their chiefs are committed to settling conflicts, saying this is what they have been looking for as a community of Rumbek Central and Northern Counties.

He added that, the Chiefs and administrative police in the area will cooperate and work together in identifying the criminals, apprehend and hand them over to the government.

The 3 day community peace initiative which was concluded on Saturday afternoon in Akon Buoi was attended and witnessed by the State government Ministers, advisors and intellectuals of the 3 communities of Kuei, Pakam and Rup of Agaar Dinka Ethnic communities of Rumbek.

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