29 Oct 2020


Save The Children Enters Agreement With Artist To Steer Campaign

Save the Children International, South Sudan on Thursday entered into an agreement with a renowned South Sudanese Music Star Mr. Wonlok James known for his stage name ‘W.J the King of Lukwilili’ to steer Save the Children’s ‘Girls are children’ campaign.

Save The Children Enters Agreement With Artist To Steer Campaign
Mr. Wonlok James, W.J the King of Lokwili, Mr. Peter Walsh Save the Children Country Director (C) and Mr. Daniel Mwaka, W.J Manager after signing the MoU[Photo| Jok P. Mayom]

By Jok P Mayom

17 December 2015 [Gurtong]- The campaign aims to ensure that all socio-economic and cultural barriers that stop young South Sudanese girls from realizing their full potential are systematically dismantled in order to open the path to success for girls. 

During the official signing of the agreement, Mr. Peter Walsh, Save the Children Country Director and Mr. Daniel Mwaka, the Manager of W.J signed the memorandum of understanding at Save the Children Office in Hai Malakal, Juba.

Mr. Peter Walsh, Save the Children’s Country Director hailed the cooperation reached with the artist saying he has known W.J from his profile through the media. “I am very much happy to support W.J and his team Daniel who is Manager in doing so” he added.

“This strategic priority campaign is very much focused on sustainable development goal 4 which is about to reduce child mortality. Save the children Organization focus on children left behind” said Mr. Peter Walsh.

 Mr. Walsh said, “In South Sudan I am very pleased and I must say we are focusing on marginalized groups and that is girls.”

“….Girls in South Sudan have the highest maternal mortality rate. 7% of girls’ only complete primary education, birth registration is really chill because many people do not know they are actual age and when they get married it consequently quiet often to complications during birth delivery” said the Country Director.

“I am very excited to employ the services of a well-known South Sudanese and now an international artist W.J who is going to kindly compose two songs; one in Arabic and one in English and really spearhead this campaign for music” he said.

He said his Organization is going to support the artist in his activities.

 “W.J activities are going to be supported and funded through Save the Children. He is traveling to Uganda and Kenya to work with top producers from both countries where he will produce the two songs and also video” Walsh said.

Mr. Walsh said, “I am really looking forward to mobilize supporting children who are going to lead this campaign along with other stakeholders including the government”.  

Mr. W.J on his part appreciated the opportunity given to him by Save the Children to partner and have the campaign on girls’ rights, ‘No girl left behind’.

The Artist who is also a campaigner for girls’ equal right with boys said, “I am so glad, to partner with Save the Children. I promised them that I will be able to compose the songs as they like to champion their campaign.”

“Let us allow our girls to have an opportunity like boys in terms of sending them to schools. Do not marry them off at the early age. Let them go to school. Ladies have better opportunities to do just like the boys” said the artist.

“Let’s unite our hands to see the future of our ladies together with boys. I am ready and going to compose the song that will be used by Save the Children for the campaign to let girls be supported and allowed go to school” W.J stressed.

The artist told Gurtong that he plans to pass his message across South Sudan and the world through music.

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