28 Oct 2020


Yei Local Artists Meet To Discuss Progress In The Music Industry

Local music artists in Yei River State headquarters held a meeting on Monday to discuss on how they can progress in the music industry.

By Modi Gilbert

YEI, 02 February 2016 [Gurtong]- Matters discussed include New Year plans, setting an office for the Yei Music Association, and singing informative, educative, and moral songs among others.

Hakim Robert Samuel aka Amos Baba is the acting chairperson for the Yei Music Association; he said, the aim of the meeting is to give directives to all the artists to gain recognition from the public.

“And these can be through having recognized body of the artists, specific place to locate the association, stopping immoral behaviors and singing moral songs.” 

“Yei Music Association is standing to at least have an office in which we are also going to lobby the government to give us land where we can construct our office for the benefit of the State” said hakim.

Adding, “We need also to be respected by the public, by singing songs with good messages to give out. So, we advise ourselves here that, we should at least sing meaningful songs that will educate. We don’t like these abusive (songs) which will not educate any body so that is why we are for it.”

Yei Music Association, according to the Acting Chairperson, is faced with a lot of challenges.
“We have a lot of challenges. Financially and we have no office” he said “we support ourselves by making a little bit of contribution from the executive.”

He is appealing to all the fans, the government and well-wishers to extend their support for the prosperity of the association.

He applauds the security personal for their commitment in security provision when ever there is a show.

Hakim encouraged his fellow artists to be cooperative to uplift the music industry in the State to a high level.

“We need love and unity among  ourselves, so that we don’t segregate that this is a secular musician, this is a gospel musician but we should all be children of South Sudan and children of Yei River State” he said “so we need to be together so that tomorrow we shall also get ourselves in a high level.”

The two groups of artists (secular and the gospel) have no common understanding among themselves.

However, the acting chairperson promised to make sure that unity flourishes among the artists.


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