28 Oct 2020


Up-Coming Artist Narrates Inspiration To Music

“I loved music right from my childhood, I used to listen to music and I knew I had to venture into it” he said “partly I began doing music with angelic choir and that is where I started getting more in to music.”

By Modi Gilbert

SuniYEI, 08 February [Gurtong] - 23 year old Samuel Sebit Emmanuel popularly known as Samse Sam is a zouk and afro-beats singer.

He joined the music industry in 2013 and has already produced 8 songs which are frequently played in South Sudan.

Samse say he has never joined any music school to gain the necessary training to become a musician but has ventured into it due to his love for music.

He said his inspiration to music started while he was still young and developed further when he became a choir member at Christ the King Catholic Parish of Yei Diocese.

 “I loved music right from my childhood, I used to listen to music and I knew I had to venture into it” he said “partly I began doing music with angelic choir and that is where I started getting more in to music.”

Samse said that being in the choir at that time was all he could do for music as he did not know how else to begin his career in music until, when Peter Rock, a music Director for the angelic choir and also a music tutor in Yei Teachers Training College (YTTC) came in.

He became a close friend to the music director where he learnt a few things from him and kick started his music career.

In 2013 Samse was able to release his first truck; “zawaz sheker” a song that denounces early marriage in the communities.

 He believes that without Peter Rock it would have taken him time to ascertain his ambitions.
Samse described Rock as instrumental, talented and a role model in his life.

“You know that guy studied music, he knows a lot about music so, he became one of my role models in music” he said ”he could teach me how to write music notations, he could teach me how to construct very good chorus that might be loved by everybody. So that is what is needed in music,”

“So, for that matter I was able to be with him and of cause with angelic as an active choir member, I use to sing and definitely I got my way to music” added Samse.

Music, according to Samse is a way of educating the public through the songs he sings.

“My music is not for fan, but my music is basically focusing on education” he said “you know you can go to class, you can be given lectures but sometimes there are other things that cannot be taught in the class so it is now the role of the artist to bring it out so that it is heard”
Samse says that in music everybody whether educated or not is able to understand the message given out.

“It does not mean that everyone has gone to school, there are those who have not gone to school. So we will bring those issues musically since music has been loved by everyone and everybody likes listening to music.”

“I thought it is good for me to join music so that I send my messages through it.”

The afro-beat singer said that he chose zouk and the afro-beat after doing his research on what people love to listen to in the area.

“You know when you are doing music it is the same like when you are cooking food; you must make sure that you cook a very delicious meal, a meal that one must have the apatite to eat even continuously.” Said Samse.

Adding “I look at what is in the market currently, when I go to Europe I will do ‘Hip Hop’ but in Africa it is never the same.”

‘MARA TAKI’ is one of samses’ songs booming in the streets of Yei and the local radio stations around. “Because of the message it carries that is why it is a hit,’’ said Samse.

He explains; “that song is trying to tell husbands to take good care of their wives.”

“There are men after marrying a woman and once this woman gives birth this man loses interest of dressing up his wife and even giving the necessary things that she deserves as a wife so that she looks beautiful as she was before.”

The artist decries inadequate promoters and managers who could help in the growth of the industry in South Sudan.

He also said that there is no up-to-date music promotion through the media.

“Most of the media houses, they are not focusing in promoting south Sudanese music, that is why when you go to the clubs, when you listen to all the radio stations in South Sudan you may realize that sometimes the bigger percentage they give is to promote the international music and is a hindrance to upcoming artists” he said “but when you go outside sometimes it is very hard for you to listen to South Sudanese music being played, unless it is collaboration with a famous artist and not frequently too.”

He is calling on the famous artist to accept collaborating with upcoming artists so that they can be realized as well.

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