23 Jan 2021


Roads Rehabilitation Begins In Twic East

Rehabilitation of feeder roads connecting Payams and Bomas to neighbouring Bor County has begun in Twic East.

Roads Rehabilitation Begins In Twic East
A stranded truck on Twic East-Bor County road [photo| Juuk Mading]

By Juuk Othana Mading

BOR, 26 February 2016 [Gurtong] – Last year in December, Twic East County administration made a fund raising campaign in Juba where the citizens of Twic East, neighbours, friends and both national and international organisations interested were invited to participate in the process.

Hon. Dau Akoi Jurkuch, the Commissioner of Twic East County told Gurtong on Thursday that the community has started repairing its 60 kilometres road from Panyagor to the Border with Bor County.

“Last year, we conducted a survey and we managed to mobilized over 300, 000 SSP but what we collected in cash is 200, 000 SSP. We have begun to repair our road starting from Panyangor to our border with Bor County”, he said

In the same fundraising some individuals contributed a truck, according to the County commissioner and part of the money raised was used to purchase fuel.

“In that money we purchased fuel and now the work has already started and it is going on smoothly”, he explained.

The Commissioner assured the public that the rehabilitation of the roads is expected to be completed before the rainy season begins.

“It is the only road that connects us with the State capital. We used to bring our supplies from Bor town with this road only. If we don’t repair this road before the rainy season possibly we are going to be cut off and we will never get supply again.”

He also urged individuals who made some pledges during the fundraising campaign either in Bor or Juba to fulfil their pledges as the work has kicked off.

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