23 Jan 2021


Boma State To Prioritise Construction Of Roads

The Information Minister of Boma State, Julius James Otong said that the State government is prioritizing construction of roads and improvement of security in the State.

Boma State To Prioritise Construction Of Roads
Roads in Pibor become impassable during rainy seasons. [File Photo]

By Jacob Achiek

BOR, 06 April 2016 [Gurtong]- Roads in Pibor become impassable during rainy seasons which often affect majorly the business community who cannot transport their goods to the State.

Last month, a vehicle that was transporting assorted food commodities and passengers to Pibor in Boma State was attacked and passengers killed.

The poor state of roads has also led to insecurity along the Juba-Pibor road as cars are not able to speed off during an ambush.

Boma State Information’s Minister Julius James Otong said many residents are stranded in Juba due to poor road infrastructure and insecurity.

“We need the government to look into the issue of roads so that food reaches civilians. Many people may not be able to reach because those in Juba need ways of going to Pibor. But if there is insecurity then nothing will reach Pibor,” James Otong said.

“Medicines may not reach, food may not reach and the civilians who want to go to Pibor may not reach. So that is an important issue which needs to be addressed,”  

Otong said civilians who were sheltering at the UN camp have returned home but the markets have nothing to offer.

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