28 Jan 2021


11 County Commissioners Appointed In Lol State

The Governor of Lol State, Rizik Hassan Zacharia on Thursday issued a gubernatorial decree appointing 11 County Commissioners for the Counties created two months ago.

11 County Commissioners Appointed In Lol State
Governor of Lol State, Rizik Hassan Zacharia. [File Photo]

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 10 June 2016 [Gurtong]-  The appointed commissioners include;

  1. Col. Elamin Ahmed Janga Commissioner of (Ere/Ere)
  2. Lt. Col. Arkangelo Vestus Nimour Commissioner of Uyu Juku /Deim Zubeir
  3. Mr. Garang Tong Thiang Commissioner of Malual Center
  4. Lt. Col. Marko Mayol Maduok Commissioner of Gumjuer West/Nyamlel
  5. Maj. Stephen Bak Yellow Commissioner of Marial-baai
  6. Capt. Anei Wal Achien Commissioner of Korok West/Juch
  7. 1st Lt.  Garang Bol Ateny Commissioner of Maper Dut-thou /Korok East
  8. Mr. Anei Anei Juac Commissioner of Malual North /Gokmachar
  9. Mr. Peter Dut Akot Commissioner of Gumjuer East/Wedwill
  10. Lt. Col. Akok Akok Kuc Commissioner of Majak-baai
  11. Eisa Hussein Iwada Commissioner of Boro/Ringi

The Governor also relieved Evaristo Lee Ziki from his position as advisor on political affairs and replaced him with Pasquale Francis Fama.

Achoor Bak Achoor was appointed as Deputy Secretary General, Council of ministers Lol State in grade (2).

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