8 Aug 2020


Government And Chiefs Amend Articles Of Customary Law

The government of Eastern Lake State in consultation with traditional Chiefs unanimously amended some articles of the customary laws which were drawn from the defunct Lakes State.

Government And Chiefs Amend Articles Of Customary Law
Governor Rin Tueny Mabor (centre) poses for a photo with Chiefs [Photo by Mabor Riak]

By Mabor Riak

YIROL, 17 November 2016 [Gurtong]-In a two day conference that was chaired by, Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor who was accompanied by the State Advisors, Ministers and County Commissioners from across the State both the government and chiefs’ collectively agreed on a number of issues and promised to respect and implement the enacted laws.

The agreed items ranges from poll taxes which was re-adjusted from 25 SSP to 250 SSP per each tax payer and each Executive Chief must register a minimum of 500 – 700 tax payers.

Any Executive Chief who does not meet this benchmark shall be nullified and his or her court will be annexed to another one who has met the criteria.

The conference resolved that, cattle raiding, rustling and theft must have to be given an appropriate law to deal with in the State and beyond of which the conference adopted specific provisions of laws but not limited to

a)    Whoever has stolen and slaughter somebody’s cow should be fined with five cows plus the slaughtered one making the total of 6 cows awarded to the complainant.
b)    Anyone who has stolen a cow and is found alive will be returned to the right full owner with two and itself making the total of 3 cows awarded to the complainant.
c)    When a group of raiders happen to kill or to be kill in the process of raiding they should have to pay 51 cows as blood compensation to the relative of the deceased and their member remains guilty (none compensated).
d)    Ring leaders if found should be hanged and his team members will be sentenced to five years in jail.
e)    Any raider who is caught five times stealing should be sentenced to death.
f)    Fattening (duel) in the cattle camps is totally prohibited.
g)     Anybody found conducting Paka (illegal cattle ex- change) in and at the state border point is punishable with fifty (50) years in jail without bail.
h)    Any criminal found collaborating with cattle raiders from other neighbouring states should be sentenced to ten (10) years in jail without bail.

The conference further resolved the issue of bride price which is traditionally paid in cows.
They resolved that the bride price can also be paid in money where the average monetary value of one cow when paying dowry should be 20,000 SSP.

Crimes committed by individuals like rape; the rapist is fined 10 cows and serves five years in jail.

Anybody who impregnates a school girl and rejects her must pay eleven cows to the parents and must serve five years in jail.

The conference resolved that the aforementioned resolutions shall be tabled in the State legislative assembly for enactment into law to guide the State government.

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