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30 Chiefs Trained On Conflict Mitigation In Aweil

At least 30 Chiefs from different Counties of Aweil State have been trained on how they can participate in mitigating conflict among communities.

30 Chiefs Trained On Conflict Mitigation In Aweil
Dinka Malual Chiefs [Gurtong file photo]

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 17 November 2016 [Gurtong] -
The training was conducted by the Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency on Wednesday with financial and technical support from the United Nations Mission In South Sudan’s department of Civil Affairs.

During the training, the Head of UNMISS, Hailu Ataklti urged the Chiefs of Mayom Wel, Arroyo, Chimel, Ajuet and Aweil Municipality to live peacefully with their neighbours and their fellow community members.

“The lives of the people in the Republic of South Sudan have not been easy for over three years. It is upon you Chiefs and people of South Sudan to choose the type of life you want. If you want to remain with life connected to tribal conflicts or choose to maintain peace and bring peace to places where there is no peace, then it is up to you. The best and worst life should be determined by people and this is very important in South Sudan for the Chiefs to bring peace help government to see in to it that the country has peace and stability” he said.

Ataklti said the conflict in South Sudan by its nature deserves the traditional solution approaches.

“ The type of conflict looks like traditional engineered kind of conflict, unlike the modern world where there are house of representative which solve peoples’ differences but South Sudan wants to empower traditional Chiefs so that amicable solution will be achieved.” he said.

The Acting Governor of Aweil State, Hon. Simon Uber Mawut appreciated the UNMISS for engaging in peace in South Sudan. He said Chiefs have been contributing to peace deals since South Sudan signed the peace deal with SPLM-IO.

Acting Governor further emphasized that Peace within the communities is a priority and that the State government should never leave any opportunity of conflict, hatred and other acts which trigger war.

” Aweil government and its people are known for peace and communities should not take the law in to their hands. I went to Gogrial State with my team as a request from the State Government so that we help them learn from us how peace is reached and managed among the conflicting communities” he said.

He stressed that stability, tranquillity and peaceful coexistence among the communities is the work of all while urging local Chiefs to continue preaching about peace and engage young people in implementation of peace in the country.

The training organised by UNMISS in collaboration with the State Ministry of Local Government intends to provide participants with complementary skills in conflict management, to enable them to know how to negotiate, mediate and facilitate communal differences.

The training also aims to equip traditional Chiefs in promoting national identity, reduce ethnic division, discuss the existing conflict factors, conflict management mechanism and how Chiefs should tackle administration of justice and clarify the competencies of traditional courts formal courts as per South Sudan Constitution and Local Government Act. 

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