8 Aug 2020


Government Delegations Meet To Discuss Border Conflicts

In order to stabilize the triggering insecurity between the communities of Gogrial and Buoncuai of Aweil South County, authorities of both States held a meeting last week to discuss ways on how to curb the threat.

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 18 November 2016 [Gurtong] -Tensions in the past five months have intensified as communities of Kongder and Buncuai in Aweil State clash with Gogrial communities at the borders.

Gogrial State government invited the government of Aweil State to discuss the border conflicts that has been on-going between the communities.

The Acting Governor of Aweil State, Hon. Simon Uber Mawut who led the delegation to Gogrial State briefed his cabinet upon his arrival from Gogrial.

According to Mawut, the two bordering governments have agreed to convince their respective communities to stay away from conflict and embrace peaceful coexistence.

He said it is the responsibility of the State government to mobilize communities and help them understand the benefits of peaceful coexistence.

The Speaker of Aweil State assembly, Hon. Deng Ayom said the assembly will support the executive to formulate laws which will guide people during the dry season which brings different communities together.

He called for cooperation saying parliament and other government organs must cooperate in order to run the government smoothly.

Addressing journalists during the briefing, the Minister of Local Government, Hon. Ajak Micheal Akok thanked the former Commissioner of Aweil South County for returning 70 herds of cattle to their owners during his term.

Ajak said that the two governments have designed strategies to tackle communal conflict by delaying the cattle of Gogrial from coming to Aweil for grazing until December.


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