8 Aug 2020


State Minister of Local Government Warns Staff Not To Get Involved In Politics

After several allegations that senior civil servants of local governments are involved in politics, the Minister of Local Government in Aweil has issued a strong warning to all employees to refrain from politics or else quit the government job.

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 18 November 2016 [Gurtong]-In a meeting called for by the Minister on Wednesday, Hon. Ajak Micheal Akok Kuel warned her administrators and stressed that they should focus on administrative work and stay away from politics.

“I want you to know this from now, yours is to provide administrative services to the people in the Counties and other assigned places. Leave politics to Commissioners because they are representatives of Governors and the President at the County level. Should we realize the involvement of senior civil servant in politics, then administrative measures should take its course” she warned.

Ajak Further adds that the State Ministry of Local Government is an entity established by government of South Sudan to closely oversee the challenges facing people at the grass-root level and address them.

“Our people you are seeing here need your services, extension of States to 28 is not just from a dream but logical reason to service people at close range” she said.
She also announced that the household tax will be imposed on people despite the economic downfall in the country.

“Our government is depending on revenues though majority of our population are food insecure, you are today assigned to be the second person next to the Commissioner at the County, this is the task you must handle. Government is going to start the household collection of money in three weeks’ time and that needs you to work hard with confidence and trust. I know working with communities is not easy there are those who will resist this but don’t force them don’t use too much authority especially you the head of security committees at County.”


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