28 Jan 2021


IRC Launches Campaign On Early Reporting Of Gender Based Violence

The International Rescue Committee-IRC department of Women’s Promotion and Empowerment on Tuesday launched a massive awareness campaign on early reporting of sexual gender based violence among communities of Aweil.

IRC Launches Campaign On Early Reporting Of Gender Based Violence
Women and girls in Aweil singing and dancing during the launch of campain on gender based violence early reporting [Photo by Agoth Abraham]

By Agoth Abraham

AWEIL, 23 November 2016 [Gurtong]-The ceremonial event was held under the theme: “Encourage Rape Survivors to Report Incidents To Health Facilities Within Three Days.”

Aweil’s IRC Field Coordinator, Deng Bol Chok said IRC as an implementing partner launched this exercise based on article 1 and 2 of the United Nation’s General Assembly Declaration on the elimination of violence against women.

“It is based on this background of violence that IRC and other partners programmed the launching in Aweil town which intends to conduct wide mass awareness campaign on sexual violence geared towards  disseminating information on sexual violence, especially rape and the importance of timely reporting of incidences as well as timely access to services. It’s our hope that the launching  of mass awareness campaign on early reporting of sexual and gender based- violence survivors in Aweil town will promote changes in communities attitudes, knowledge and behaviours” he said.

The Coordinator said the aim of the campaign is to increase reporting of sexual based violence by women, men and by the general as well as help improve community acceptance and support for survivors in Aweil. 

He addressed reiterated to the participants that it is the responsibility of the organizations to disseminate the information on the availability of safe and confidential services for the survivors of sexual violence where such services can be accessed.

“I urge you community of Aweil in your capacities to really understand the reason of the campaign and messages so that young women and men are safe from unwanted sexual practice and its consequences. Gender equality and inclusivity, human rights including children sexual and gender-based violence, gender roles and expectation in the community are among the topics you must understand and practice what is wanted from you as young women and men of this community” he said.

IRC Gender Based Violence Focal Point, Abraham Kuan said that is issues related to gender based violence are kept a confidential matter as the policy of an organisation to protect the victims from defamation.

“As an organisation, if cases of sexual harassment and violence are reported to our facility it is kept secret and rushed to save life. If parents open a case, then it is up to them and we are known for confidentiality” he said.

“It is also important to say that sometimes sexually assaulted people might have negative attitudes in their minds when raped. One may decide solely to commit murder or suicide so it is a concern for the organisation to create awareness so that people get it clear on how they should seek medical attention” he said.

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