8 Aug 2020


Aweil East State Assembly Passes 160 SSP As Household Tax

Members of parliament in Aweil East on Tuesday unanimously passed an amount of 160 SSP as household taxation fee for the annual year 2016/2017 in the State.

By Agoth Abraham

MALUAL-KHON, 22 November 2016 [Gurtong]
-The State Ministry of Finance had earlier proposed 210 SSP as fee for each household however, constituency representatives raised a concern that the amount was on the higher side owing to the economic crises.

Wunlang County area Member of Parliament, Hon. Bul Bul Dor who is also the Government’s Chief Whip, “The minister’s previous proposed amount is not bad but currently it is too much considering the economic crises .The Assembly agreed to reduce 210 to 160 and there was a ruling by government that every Executive Chief must register 800 eligible households which are qualified to pay” he said.

The State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency, Abuor Gordon Nhial presented the taxation bill and said communities will be enlightened by MPs to know their roles.

“The amount agreed by Parliamentarians is not bad it is meant for services delivery and with hope that it is not going to harm them. Our Members of Parliament are entitled to amend any bill presented to the House and I appreciate the Hon. MPs for their scrutiny and passing the bill unanimously” she said.

Minister Abuor said the Local Government Act stipulates that the Chiefs must have a total of 800 households and these should households that are able to pay taxes.


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