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Wau State Marks World Aids Day

Wau State today joined the rest of the world to mark World Aids Day under the theme “Hands up for HIV Prevention.”

Wau State Marks World Aids Day

By James Deng Dimo

01, December, 2016 [Gurtong] –
The El Sabreen held the celebration at Wau teaching hospital.
Speaking at the event, the HIV/AIDS State Acting Commission Director, Katherin Akur Lawrence urged all living with HIV/AIDS to continue being on medication and never be discouraged.

“My message to those living with the disease, let them not feel isolated that they are already finished, no, HIV/AIDS is like high blood pressure, let people not fear that it can kill. It can only kill when you do not follow the prescription. If you are not taking the medicines given to you or if you are not eating well, HIV will finish you. If you are drinking alcohol and if you are not following the roles given to you from the hospital, this is when HIV will kill you. But if you follow the roles, you live a healthy life. Am thanking you those who are listening to me today, let’s talk about HIV that let people not fear, let people not isolate those living with the disease, they are our people, they are like us and are our children, sisters and brothers.”

World Aids Day has been held on 1 December every year since 1988. It is dedicated to raising awareness of the disease caused by the spread of HIV. Since it was launched, a tremendous amount of progress has been made in reducing the stigma still faced by many, and the number of people dying from Aids-related illnesses since the first cases were reported.

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