8 Aug 2020


Wau Teaching Hospital To Conduct Free Operations On Fitsula Patients

Wau teaching hospital is calling all fistula patients in the State to register with the hospital to be able to be scheduled for surgery in the on-going fistula campaign in Yambio town.

Wau Teaching Hospital To Conduct Free Operations On Fitsula Patients
Dr. Johnson Joseph Mathar, of Wau Teaching Hospital [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

01, December, 2016 [Gurtong] - Dr. Johnson Joseph Mathar, a medical doctor at Wau teaching hospital told Gurtong on Thursday that all fistula patients in Wau State must visit the hospital in order to be able to receive fistula treatment.

“I am very happy to inform the general public in Wau State that the fistula campaign started in Yambio on the 28 of November last month. Therefore, am here to inform women living with fistula to turn up for registration in Wau teaching hospital to register their names so that they can be taken to Yambio for operation of fistula,” said Mathar.

“Please turn up quickly from today onwards because the campaign lasts only for one month and we don’t want to lose this golden opportunity for the women living with fistula,” he said.
Dr. Mathar also said that transportation for the patients and other necessary services will be provided by AMREF.

Fistula is a childbirth injury caused by prolonged obstructed labor.

Without treatment, fistula often leads to social, physical, emotional and economic decline. Although some women with fistula display amazing courage and resilience, many others succumb to illness and despair.


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