Allocation Of Plots Kicks Off In Eastern Bank, Wau

Authorities in Wau town on Friday begun giving out plots to residents in Eastern Bank after proper survey of land in the area was done last month following orders from Wau town Mayor.

 Allocation Of Plots Kicks Off In Eastern Bank, Wau
Land survey team in Eastern bank, Wau [Photo by James Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 06 January 2017 [Gurtong] -Mayor, Aleu Goc last month order for demolition of structures in Eastern Bank that were illegally erected.

Speaking to the press during the handing over of plots, the Wau State Minister of Physical Infrastructure, Akol Majok Rok who also doubles as the State Minister of Finance said those who rightfully owned land in the area will be compensated by the government.

“Let me assure those civilians who have lost their places here that they are South Sudanese, they are residents of Wau State and we are ready to relocate them anywhere,” said Rok.

“You have to help in every solution. What we are doing today, we are not giving out plots to a group of special people but we are first considering those who were residing here. They were staying in a place which was not properly surveyed but now we have ordered our administration to register everybody who was residing in this area so that we can solve their problem.”

“This is a market; we don’t want it to be a residential area even those whom we hand over their plots, we don’t want you to make it as a market and a home. A market is a market,” said the minster.

However some residents have raised complaints that some wealthy individuals are receiving large chunks of large leaving out only a few places left.

Joseph Ater Uchalla says the government should consider giving out land fairly to all residents of the area.

 “The government decided to survey the area and we all accepted the decision and were pushed out. However, we would like to now ask the government for somebody who has been residing here and has not be allocated for a plot why is that so? On the other hand a rich person with all documents has about 10 to 20 plots where will the poor go? That’s the question we would like to ask the government.”


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