8 Aug 2020


Let's Try Dialogue And Genuine Compromise In South Sudan

"Statesmen compromise, dialogue, sacrifices, forgive and indeed die for their country. For the last three years, war has not resulted into peaceful towns, villages or food production. All that war produces is misery. Let's try dialogue and genuine compromise for our country."


Philip Thon Aleu -No hibernation

If you are politician or any other well informed, literate (not necessary with western education) and sincere South Sudanese hibernating right now because the conditions are so dire, very extreme in our country, please wake up. There should be no rest until we certainly reach the shore. The other bank of the river is Peaceful. Peace - we dare for you.

That boy from Qunu in South Africa never hibernated after discovering himself. He never rest for a day. Through schools, traditional and ANC leadership and legal advocacy, Nelson Mandela never forgot about the struggle against white minority's oppression against black South Africans. And indeed against the white South Africans. Mandela said both the oppressed and oppressor suffer the consequences of oppression. There is never freedom of mind if there is oppression, suffering and sense guilt. Both sides equally from the overall national suffering.

In South Sudan, we are suffering collectively as people. No one, not even a national minister, is joyful in this situation. The fact that our leaders are surrounded by armed soldiers is a clear sign of imprisonment. In fact, our leaders are in a confinement; in very rough conditions. They have no privacy. They are not enjoying the rightfully, or otherwise, acquired wealths. The common man is suffering from poverty - both lack of food and information on skills to acquire food.

So how do we move forward?

Leaders must lead and not destroy. It is time all political leaders table their issues anywhere & anytime and release the nation from this carnage. Political leaders must be a step ahead of us. Be smart.

The government has the bigger role as custodian and leader of our national capital, Juba. Reach out to those armed men on Nimule -Juba road and ask them: who are you & what do you want? Reach to the armed men in Yei River state and ask them: who are you & what do you want? Go to Wau, Yambio, and anywhere in the country and ask the armed men to identify themselves and table their issues.

Unlike 19th century, we are blessed with many means of communication in 21st century. And it is easy to communicate. And that is why I'm able to write this message without much censorship. There is UN mission that that deliver a message of peace to any group. We have some church leaders that are trusted by people across all political divides and they can reach anywhere, anytime. Why prolong the suffering?

And what has become of the armed groups? Why can't you speak to the media, international community and UN representatives and tell the government what you want? After all, if you have legitimate concerns, some people will listen and urge the government to bring forth a solution or enter dialogue with you.

How does attacking passengers vehicles, killing innocent people advance a genuine course? And how does killing innocent women, children for allowing rebels as claimed the armed opposition, in their villages end the war?

Both sides should show leadership.

There is no country build on deaths. Deaths depopulate the land, brew hatred and destroys nation. Millions died, brutal death, so that there is a country called South Sudan. We can't build it or introduce democracy through barrels of guns. No tribe will be eliminated in order for prosperity, peace, unity and democracy to prevail.

We just need to sit, talk, write a people's constitution and move the nation forward. That is the highest medal of honor we can present to our fallen heroes and heroines.

We have suffered for generations. From Turks', Egyptians' and Arabs' slavery, wars, disease etc., we have not known peace. We want peace. We want to build our lives and settle.

Majority of us have not had homes or villages to live in for the last ten to 30 years. Families split and some families will never ever be seen again in Africa, not only in South Sudan. We have been on the move, on the run for a very, very long time. We need to settle and bury our ailing, aging parents and see their graves disappearing slowly to form earth. I want to see my children growing under my care rather than visiting them twice or once in a year like a prisoner.

So all citizens, senior politicians in Juba and those chilling in foreign nations waiting for the ship to land you must wake up and save the country. If you have electricity in your house and running water, we don't have just across the road from your house. If there is excess food and your children are struggling to avoid obesity, millions of people are starving. If there is money for tourist types of medication anywhere on earth, many South Sudanese are dying silently.

Everyone, including myself who has no uncle in the government or opposition has a role to play. We have to sing to the ears of politicians that this is what our country want. Call your political rival and talk to him. Statesmen compromise, dialogue, sacrifices, forgive and indeed die for their country. For the last three years, war has not resulted into peaceful towns, villages or food production. All that war produces is misery. Let's try dialogue and genuine compromise for our country.

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