11 Dec 2018


Gen Malong: Position Statement Of Aweil Community In Diaspora

"We are pleading with you, Mr. President, to release Gen. Malong Awan from his current house arrest to attend to his fatherly obligations, including providing a decent funeral to his daughter."

Date: Wednesday 13th September 2017
Dear Mr. President;
We the undersigned, on behalf of our respective communities in Diaspora, extend to you our warmest greetings and best wishes as you endeavor to propel our country forward, endeavoring to achieve the ideals indelibly etched on South Sudan’s Coat of Arms.
We have been reflecting lately, Mr. President, on the unflattering situation of Gen. Paul Malong in Juba. It is with this solemn issue in mind that we write to convey to you, the concerns of Greater Mading Aweil Communities in Diaspora.
Mr. President, Mading Aweil community in Diaspora is quite troubled by the health and welfare of General Paul Malong Awan. This disquiet is confounded by recent refusal to allow him to attend to his daughter’s burial, following the tragic incident in Kenya. With one daughter deceased and another critically burned, he should have been allowed to visit the family but authorities in Juba chose the opposite.
We are pleading with you, Mr. President, to release Gen. Malong Awan from his current house arrest to attend to his fatherly obligations, including providing a decent funeral to his daughter. It is a travesty of justice that he should continue to be under house arrest uncharged, even at a time when he is asking for a permission to attend to his deceased child’s burial, leave alone his medical needs.
Think about it, Mr. President. Not long ago, Gen. Malong defended the Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan whose mandate was just to do that. Now that he is not holding a public office, but a community leader, should he not deserve better than his current post-relieve treatment?
As for the fear of unknown, we do not believe that he poses any threat to the peace and security of our nation more than the current rebellion. If you have lost trust in Gen. Malong, then we suggest you swap his current personal bodyguards with soldiers you trust more and allow him to travel home. In a country that aspires to be democratic, it makes no sense to hold someone without charges past three days.
Of course, it is totally unacceptable that some people in the Community have felt the compulsion to ventilate on social media regarding this issue. We recognize that some of these remarks may have been a little too harsh. As leaders of Mading Aweil in Diaspora, we thus apologize on their behalf unequivocally and unreservedly to Your Excellency, the President. Such comments or attendant divisive undertones have no place in our society.
Nevertheless, the fact remains that it is the will of the majority in Aweil Community in Diaspora that unlawful detention is deleterious and not allowing Gen. Malong to attend the funeral of his deceased daughter is equally unconscionable.
While we respectfully await your prompt response, please accept, Mr. President, the assurances of our highest consideration.
Yours Sincerely;
Mr. Simon H. Angok President, Aweil Community in Australia 13th / 09/ 2017
Mr. Atileo A. Deng 13th President, Aweil Community in Canada / 09/ b2017


Mr. Adim M. Puot President, Aweil Community in USA 13th / 09 / 2017

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