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Governor Reshuffles Government, Restructures Ministries

The Governor of Imatong State Tobiolo Alberio Oromo has reshuffled his cabinet while restructuring the State Ministries and his Advisory's Offices.

By Peter Lokale

TORIT, 12 November 2017 [Gurtong] – He has issued a number of Gubernatorial Decrees relieving and reappointing most of the similar faces while bringing in new faces as well.
The Governor, in his Saturday's reshuffle, sacked his Advisor on Economic Affairs, Hon. Perina Lawino in a gubernatorial decree No.35/2017.

Prior to this, Hon. Ayaa had been a member of the State Revenue Authority Commission in the same government of Tobiolo.

Hon. Oromo issued another gubernatorial decree No.36/2017 relieving some of the State Ministers as follows;

1) Hon. Clement Laku Chichim, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Cooperative

2) Hon. Hassan Urbano Alex, Minister of Education, Gender and Social Welfare

3) Hon. Lt. Col. Mubarak Rueben Emmy, minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management

4) Hon. Jacob Atari Albano, minister of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports.

He, again, issued a separate decree No.37/2017 relieving some members of the State Commissions as follows;

1) Hon. Ukal Kawong Julu, Anti-Corruption Commission

2) Hon. Asunta Idris, Revenue Authority Commission

3) Hon. Fredrick Gabriel Odwa Oliha, Revenue Authority Commission

4) Hon. Sam Omolua Cleto, Anti-Corruption Commission

5) Hon. Sarafino Oseyek, Peace and Reconciliation Commission

6) Hon. Becky Ayaa, Revenue Authority Commission.

Governor Oromo also moved on to issue an Executive Order No.9/2017 relieving Deputy Secretary-General for the State government Longejuk Vitale Martin whom the Governor promoted to a ministerial post of the newly created ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare through a gubernatorial decree No.39/2017 alongside some State Ministers.

Hon. Oromo issued another Executive Order No.10/2017 restructuring Ministries and Offices of his Advisors A) State Ministries

1) Ministry of Local Government, Law Enforcement Agencies

2) Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports

3) Ministry of Finance and Public Service

4) Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare

5) Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Cooperative

6) Ministry of Physical Infrastructure

7) Ministry of Education

8) Ministry of Rural Development

9) Ministry of Health and Environment.

B) Offices of Advisors

1) Political Affairs

2) Security Affairs

3) Peace and Reconciliation

4) Girl-Child and Environment.

Another gubernatorial decree No.38/2017 appointed Hon. Becky Ayaa as his new Advisor on Girl-Child Education and Environment.

Gubernatorial decree No.39/2017, the Governor has maintained Hon. Hassan Urbano Alex and Hon. Clement Laku Chichim as state Ministers for Education and Agriculture, Forestry and Cooperative respectively together with Hon. Mubarak Rueben Emmy Walter maintaining his docket as a State Minister of Rural Development after his old ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management invalidated through restructuring by the Governor.

Also, in the latest reshuffle, other new faces in the Cabinet include Hon. Margaret Idwa Okuye and Longejuk Vitale Martin become ministers of Information, Culture Youth & Sports, and Gender, Child and Social Welfare respectively.

Decree No.40/2017, issued by the Governor, brought in some Members of State Commissions notably as Khadija Clement Pwong as a member in the Revenue Authority Commission with Oriya Denis Lohine being a Member in the state Revenue Authority Commission.

The same decree No.40/2017, saw Rosaline Andrew Oromo and Ayet Josephine George as Members in Peace and Reconciliation, and Revenue Authority Commissions in that order.

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