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General Education Annual Review Kicks Off In Juba

The Ministry of General Education and Instructions’ annual review meeting kicked off in Juba yesterday with an aim of assessing the general performance of education last year.

General Education Annual Review Kicks Off In Juba
Members at the Annual Review workshop for 2016-2017 fiscal year held at Juba Grand Hotel [Photo by Moses Gum Degur]

By Jale Richard

JUBA, 21 November 2017 [Gurtong]-
The conference is being attended by all the Education Ministers from the States and Abyei Administrative Area, legislatures and other education partners under the theme “towards inclusive and quality education: school as a zone of peace and lifelong learning”.

Deng Deng Hoc the Minister of General Education and Instructions explained that the General Education Annual Review is to assess the performance and review the key sub-sectors at State and national levels for the year  2016-2017.

He said the education sector is succeeding in achieving the goal for all children to have access to quality education.

“The purpose of the sector review is to measure our progress made in the year and bring together all the key education stakeholders from different institutions, line ministries, civil society and all development partners,” Michael Lopuke Lotyam, Undersecretary Ministry of General Education and Instructions said.

Deng said focusing on formal education is the only way to meet the expected standard of eradicating illiteracy in the country.

He added that there is a need for education partners to double efforts to reach learners and provide them with quality education.

“There are about 1.8 million children out of school in this country. For us to reach these learners is to double efforts and reach them with education service,” he said.

The Minister stated that formal education is compulsory to all children and free of charge.  He warned that anybody found to charge school children with money will be dealt with according to the law.

“Nobody is authorized to charge students with fees. If you charge school children with fees then this is a great violation of the law,” he stated.

Mr. Deng said if children are charged school fees, many would to leave schools since they cannot afford the school fees.

On his part, Mohamed Ahmed Musa, the Chairperson of the Committee on Education at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly said through commitment and cooperation, sustainable education for children in South Sudan can be achieved.

He said focusing on education infrastructure will help upgrade learning systems in the country.
“Education must merge our diversity and support quality education to shape a better future for our children and by doing so, we need to develop our education sector,” Musa said.

He said there is need for increase in teachers’ salaries and creation of moral incentives to provide a conducive environment for them to do their best.

Musa appealed to donor partners to pay attention and support the education of children in the country.


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